Big Launch for Affiliate Product?

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Hi all,

I'm wondering if anybody has ever done a big launch for an affiliate product that is *already* on sale?

Let me explain...

I sell a low cost ebook for a niche market and that is the only product I currently have.

Well I've been going through Frank Kern's Mass Control product and I was thinking maybe I could use some of the stategies to "launch" a high end affiliate product, as though I was launching my own high end product.

So I could send an e-mail to my customers, have them sign up to an interest list, send them lots of great info for about 1-2 weeks and then "launch" the affiliate product.

Any thoughts on this? Anybody ever tried this before?

Any comments are appreciated.
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    Yes, this is very doable. In fact, it works like

    I actually covered this in the original version of
    Product Launch Formula - I had an interview with
    David Frey who did a launch for an affiliate
    product. He ended up doing about $60k with a quick
    four-day launch.

    David told me that if he had just done a regular
    promo to his list, he would have done about $6k.
    That does a pretty good job of illustrating how
    powerful an affiliate launch can be.

    The primary requirement in this case is that you
    have a list. If you don't have one, it's pretty
    hard - not impossible, but pretty hard.

    But it sounds like you have a list, so that
    shouldn't be a problem.

    So here's a few things to think about:

    - It's actually best to do this with a product
    that's been on the market for a while. There are
    soooo many great product being released that
    people tend to forget about a product very
    quickly. That's good for you... because when you
    launch, lots of people will think it's new.

    - THIS IS KEY: You will want to create your own
    launch bonuses for the product. This doesn't have
    to be hard and they don't have to be a really big
    deal... just put together an audio or video or
    checklist - something that complements the
    product. The best is if it fills in some area
    where the product is lacking.

    - Get the product producer involved. This is
    usually pretty easy. If the products not being
    really actively marketed, and you can promise a
    quick surge of sales... well the producer will
    probably be pretty happy to help with a
    teleseminar or an interview. This can be part of
    your prelaunch, or part of your bonus... or both.

    - Along the same lines as above, you just MIGHT be
    able to negotiate a higher commission. Never hurts
    to ask. You can even set hurdles... like if I sell
    XX, then the commish rate goes up to XX.

    There's a bunch more, but that's off the top of my
    head... and I'm a bit crunched for time right now.

    - Jeff
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    That's great info, thanks Jeff.

    Yes I do have a list and I have a product but I've no high end product, just a low cost ebook.

    All are great points you've made, especially the last two because I hadn't thought of that whatsoever.
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