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A little earlier there was a thread complaining about a named marketer not cancelling someones subscription

Quite rightly its been deleted, under the rule 1

however i did put a useful explanation of how to cancel a subscription using paypal here it is for those that need to know

because frankly it ticks me off when I get members asking me to do something that can be done much quicker if they just did it themselves

How do I cancel a paypal subscription

First log in to your paypal account

At the top of the page is a link that says "profile"
when you click on the "profile link you will see 3 columns of links to paypal services in the middle list headed Financial Information you will see a link called "Pay List" or "My pre approved payments".

By clicking on the PayList link you will be given a complete list of all your subscriptions, to cancel any of them just click on the name of each subscription and at the top of the detail page you will see a link to cancel that subscription. See example below.

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    Thanks for the info. This should help prevent "surprise" charges.
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      Originally Posted by 3Infidels View Post

      Thanks for the info. This should help prevent "surprise" charges.
      If you entered into a subscription through paypal there is no way you could be suprised by a payment you authorised...

      This is a classic example of what some of us get in our support desks, there is no way to hide a subscription with paypal.

      No matter what a sales link says on the sales pge when you get to paypal its right up there in black and white...

      It tells you the initial payment and how much and how often its going to be charged, and you have to click to agree your happy with it before any payment is processed.
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        If you go into Paypal and hit Paylist, it does not tell you all the memberships you are subscribed to. It only showed one for me. I then clicked on Recurring Payments and most of my memberships show there. You really need to check both places.

        Now I know where to check for my subscriptions. I didn't know that before.

        Thanks for the easy way to check subscriptions.

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    By the way, you can access those instructions right within paypal by doing a search - just type in the term 'cancel subscription' in the search box when you're logged into your Paypal account. Now you don't have any excuse anymore for not canceling your Paypal subscriptions!
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    Paypal send explicit instruction on how to cancel a Paypal subscription when you create it. Keep that email safe.

    You'd be amazed how many people expect us to cancel their Paypal subscriptions. Maybe they'd like us to cancel their milk delivery too. Or their monthly delivery of 'Playbeing' magazine. Or their cellphone account.
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    People who signed-up for a subscription should know best by reading the terms of the site. Also, Paypal is sending instructions on how to cancel their subscription.
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