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So I've noticed a major lack in a lot of my affiliate training resources. I know how to build a website- I even learned how to hand code it if I want. I know how to do autoresponders, online auctions, PPC, backlinki8ng, SEO, bla bla bla. I even got good enough at SEO that I uploaded a site with the intention of gradually getting it indexed and had 60 organic visitors the next week.

What I haven't seen is a solid system for, "Ok- you have a good website with good reason for people to visit it- now- go make money."

It might be my model here. I have a lot of trouble bringing myself to make small crappy websites. I aim for authority sites- and since my strongest skill in school was writing, I do the writing myself.

Trouble is- I'm disheartened. I mean- I'm not too stressed about the copy- I can crank out an article in about 15 minutes. But I just don't have a good sense of what to do with an authority site. One is set up to draw people into an autoresponder sequence. The other is purely an authority site- and it's the one that seem to be ideal for SEO- that was the 60+ visitors while waiting for indexing site.

Can someone direct me to a resource on how to monetize a site? It seems like it would be the simplest thing- but I always hear what not to do and not what to do.

So- can anybody help me out here? What are some good systems or simply some good advice on how to turn that traffic into money?
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    Wow sounds like you may have information overload.

    The main thing is to get your new site settled in, with regular increasing traffic.

    I would continue with article marketing and do some social and backlinking.

    As you see the traffic build you will be able to see if it converts into sales or not.

    Another option is to add Adsense ... I earn quite a bit of this every day and it just runs on autopilot for me.

    Be encouraged you have taken action and are nearer now to making some money than when you started

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    Hi alpacabob,

    PM sent to you.

    A problem I'm having is I have a site that is getting some great traffic, and older Domain Age(which I lucked out with, even thou Matt Cutts says DA means nothing...).

    But its a site that I don't think I can post on here(nothing bad or rude) just not a popular topic. But trying to find a product that goes with your site. When people are spending time on the site and returning visits.

    Just test,test,test with whats out there all I can say, and that's all I'm doing at the moment.
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    The answer to this question is simple, and yet quite difficult to figure out: What would provide the most value to your readers? This is really going to depend on your niche. You could display Adsense on your site, or another ad server like Chikita. You could sell advertising space on your blog through a portal like Blogads.com.

    You could sell products as an affiliate from Clickbank or PayDotcom. You could display CPA offers. If your readers are likely to be looking for physical products, you could add Amazon and/or eBay widgets to your site.

    You can mix and match all of these things, and experiment until the cows come home. Test Test Test is the name of the game. As long as you are promoting items that you really believe will be useful to your readers, you will find one that's a winner. Just keep trying different things until you figure out what works for you.

    To sum up, there is no "magic bullet" answer to the best method of monetization. Different things work for different people/niches. Don't be afraid to try something, and remember, you can always switch it up if it isn't profitable.
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      Wow- I didn't expect that kind of response- thanks everyone!

      Based on this advice, I'm tossing up some Amazon product advertising. That should do me some good- but I guess the point is testing that out, eh?

      Other than Amazon, what are some good options for product displays? On my best site, I think that's probably what will be most beneficial to people.

      Also- I am always hearing about how banners and adsense don't work anymore. That's why I set one site up for auto-responders- it's ready with a year of follow-up. But in terms of on-site monetization, are there options other than affiliate banners and adsense that tend to be worthwhile?

      Thanks again everyone!
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