Buying Redirected Traffic - Opinions Please

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I am just getting into CPA and am thinking abouot buying redirected traffic - CPA network confirms its an acceptable source, but I want members opinions on how effective it is.

Is it good better some offers, rather than others. If so which convert best etc?

Or is it a waste of money.

Please share your views and experiences with it
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  • If you can target the domain name it may help, have buying keyword in your domain name for example. i guess it depends on what you want the traffic to do, if your site was weight loss guides and you got traffic redirected from a relevant website then it may work.

    trial and error, start small...

    i am no expert on this subject so i would wait and see what other people say.
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    I've tried 5-7 of these services with low volume tests...most of them are not worth the cost. I would focus my time/money on building some backlinks (or some other productive activity).
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    the only way you would get good results with redirected traffic is if it is tightly targeted.
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    You do not need targetted traffic when you purchase redirected traffic.

    1.Simply buy the traffic and send the traffic to a squeeze page.

    2.On the squeeze page, have an autoresponder that markets either an affiliate product or a CPA offer and get an opt in.

    3.You should convert at about 2-3% if you're squeeze page is something everyone wants , most people i know doing this are in the make money online niche, weight loss niche or relationship niche.

    4.I hate the term but "rinse and repeat"
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