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Hey guys

The problem is the following:

PayPal is fairly bad for selling info products or services.

Literally anyone can initiate "unauthorised transaction" after buying your info products or service. And there are loads of such scambags throughout my experience. Even after posting loads and loads of evidence for PayPal to make the right decision, in 99% of cases PayPal transfers money back to the sneaky ex "customer" of yours. And seems you can do nothing about it.

Of course there is 100% money back guarantee as usual, but most people who ask for a refund write directly to your inbox.

Those things start to annoy me because the amount of transaction grows and I simply have no time to monitor all the transactions and then debate with PayPal which results in nothing.

So I'm here to ask whether you can recommend me a good alternative to PayPal. The criteria should be: 1) being able to withdraw money right to my bank account. 2) Not waiting for more than a month (like with plimus) to get your bank account credited.

Thanks for your time guys!
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    I use

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      Originally Posted by Owen Smith View Post

      I use
      As you may have guessed, something that not need to be integrated with my PayPal ccount. And something that I can withdraw money from right to my bank account.

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    I still think Paypal is the best..
    Yes it has its drawbacks, but comparing the features and popularity, I think Paypal still ahead of the others by a mile.
    So perhaps the solution of your problem is to find a way to deal with the refund request, perhaps minimalize them, or hire someone to handle that.
    Just my 2 cents tho.
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    Have you heard of Pinpay?

    They do not deal with refunds or chargebacks. They leave all of that up to you.

    From their site - "...there are NO cross-border fees, NO hidden or “junk” fees, and NO transaction fees; there are NO chargebacks, NO chargeback paperwork filings and phone calls, and NO chargeback processing fees; there are NO holdbacks on earned payments, NO rolling holds, and NO deposits held; there is NO need for fraud prevention costs, and NO payment processor caused friendly fraud losses; there are NO automatically triggered rate increases, and NO add-in or confusing fees or cost items on the billing statement; there are NO service set-up fees, NO maintenance fees, NO monthly fees and there are NO annual fees."

    "disclaimer - I do not and have not tried Pinpay.
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    im sure theres a few better payment solution providers out there but paypal reigns supreme because it has the most users and people are just more familiar with them.
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    Originally Posted by Irmscher View Post

    Hey guys
    Literally anyone can initiate "unauthorised transaction" after buying your info products or service. And there are loads of such scambags throughout my experience.
    Appreciate that if you can briefly explain them here because, the effort can be very useful for fellows.
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    Check out 2CO. It's a easy as you can get.
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    Just keep in mind that what is best for you, may not be what's best for your customers. Most people have Paypal account and are comfortable with it. Looking for a pay option that takes away some of their sense of security, will make some people apprehensive about buying from you. Anyone one can "claim" a 100% money back guarantee. There's no real security in that. It's just words. Unless they know you really well and trust you, the words mean nothing. Paypal gives your customers peace of mind. It could cost you business, switching to an option that takes that away.
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    I use 2CO in addition to PayPal. The fees are a bit higher, but it has worked well for me.
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      "disclaimer - I do not and have not tried Pinpay.
      I did not know about PinPay, until I saw your post. The OP however, is looking for a viable alternative, rather than speculative alternatives, so your disclaimer is welcome, I'm sure.

      PayPal is fairly bad for selling info products or services.
      PayPal is both good and bad to those who use it IMHO. Personally, I find PP to be good, in my particular circumstances.

      Some PP vendor clients claim that PP sides with the customer, when in a dispute. In the opposite situation, a customer will claim that PP will not protect them if they purchase a service, or download a digital product.

      My view is speak as you find. Nothing is perfect in this world (not even the WF), often things come down to your attitude and personality as well as the attitude and personality of the person that you are dealing with (when you contact PP) at any point in time.

      If you are getting a lot of disputes and refund requests, have a look at you sales pages and your products - are they really doing what it says on the tin?

      Just bear in mind that PayPal is just about the 'king of the ring' at this point in time, so if I were you, I'd try and work with them.

      Just my thoughts and the best of luck,

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    Buddy, the few who do sneaky chargebacks are not worth the hassle to go looking for alternative solutions.

    Just stick to what's worked, and what will probably work for years to come.

    PP sucks for sellers who get their goods ripped off, but in the long run, it's not going to dent you too badly.

    - Dean
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