The Hardest Challenge with Online Business - SEO Organization + Maintenence - Please Help

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I have done well on the internet.

But staying organized has been a real challenge recently.

I have about 5 sites. One makes good money, and I think the other ones will too, once I get them ranked.

But even with my ranked site, I am struggling

It ranks well for some terms.

I try to boost up these terms by doing forum posting, article marketing, blog posting, external sites, social bookmarking, etc. etc. etc.

My main problem is that I do not have a schedule. I *never* know for sure that WHAT i am doing will result in anything worthwhile. Its so damn tedious..

I am like a body builder without a gameplan or routine.

Could anyone ever develop SOFTWARE that would help me maintain my sites and tell me which keywords need work, and which ones have improved, etc etc.?

Are there any WSO's or other things I could use?

I am very right brained and doing this logical work is a real challenge for me...
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    Start using a spreadsheet program, dude. I was going through the same problem as you before I discovered spreadsheets.
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    Yes I have been.

    But I still find it difficult.

    How do you have yours laid out?

    Are there any programs that help you with this?

    Are there any WSO's that have like --- a routine? Akin to a work-out schedule, but with SEO?

    Main main problem is NOT knowing if the things that I do are worthwhile. I guess its just a large time consuming process.. it all takes time and effort over time...
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    does anyone else have any feedback on this?
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    Hey there, if your doin it right then your ads will be up on google 1st page within 24 hrs, nail the keyword and your there, if your top page and struggling then your product may not be what the people want?

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