Can we customise a WP theme with dev license?

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Are we allowed to do this?

I got a couple of blogs made by an expert who created the blogs for me on a theme for which he holds a developer's license.

Can I now proceed to make slight modifications to the theme supplied through these blogs and become an owner and creator of this theme which is actually a result of ''modifying a theme from a dev lic''?
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    This can be a little tricky. To play it safe I would consult with the person that created the blogs and if you are still a little sketchy about it then I would contact the original creator.

    If you choose not to, the worse that will probably happen is that the creator will contact you and tell you to "STOP IT!".

    Sometimes, creators of products will state something like, "if you make alterations to at least 20% of the original piece of work, it is considered a completely new piece of work". Opinions vary though and that's why a lot of times, the person that creates the rules needs to be contacted to determine what their opinion of what 20% is?

    Hope that made sense,

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    Yes, the best advice is to ask the developer or source of the theme.

    By the way, you should have asked about your rights to the theme before you agree upon the project.
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    Doesn't sounds ethically right to me
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