Using webinars To Increase Conversions

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I know a guy who uses a follow up system to increase his conversion rate and on the 5th follow up he offers a free webinar to answer questions, and Im assuming it helps with sales.

Anyone have any experience with this?
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    I have done hundreds of hours of webinars.
    I can tell you that if you can get an audience on a good webinar you will close multiple times higher than if you use just an AR sequence and a sales page.

    It is much easier to explain the offer, create excitement urgency etc.

    If you watch, you will see that most of the "gurus" will always have a "special" webinar with a product creator during a big launch.

    It flats out works...

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    Webinars are amazing for conversions if you know how to add value and close the sale.

    I've done four of them in the past couple of months and never converted less than 25%.

    I have 5 of them scheduled for October - one tonight with Brad Gosse.
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    Ron, I know

    I'm attending, or at least will watch the recording if I can't stay up that long.

    As per OP, I realized the power of Webinars by complete accident, I mean I knew they were great for sales and everything, never knew I could do them well LOL

    I sold more to only 20 people attending than one would to a list of 5000 so yes they are powerful.

    I'm looking into incorporating them not only as content delivery, but also as sales mechanism and by the looks of it, its gonna be a great change.

    Like with everything else, there is a learning curve for me, but nothing ventured nothing gained right?

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  • Anyone know where I can get recordings of webinars/methods so I can watch and learn how they close the sales?

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    We have been doing them and having a good time at it.

    Feel free to contact me and I will send you links.

    As a matter of fact depending on when you launch (now is not a good time), I may be willing to it for or with you.

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