Ways To Target Mothers/Business Women

by Mr.S
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I was wondering if anyone has some good ideas on how to target (get in the front of them) Moms/Business Women and not spending arms and legs on advertising or PPC.
What would be the best places to place and ad, maybe a solo ad, maybe somebody already posses such group (list) Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Well mom's should be to hard to reach.

    There are plenty of forums about motherhood, children, or other women interest topics.

    Business women might be a little harder...
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    Thank you very much for suggestion. I am also looking for a list of these places. Maybe someone has access to them
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    Hi there, I just ran a quick search on Google for "moms working from home" - I got over 7 million responses - here are the first five of them for you:

    Working at Home Business for Moms : How to Work from Home : HBWM.com, Inc. - has a forum and community resources
    http://www.momsworkathomesite.com/ has links to other sites
    Work From Home - Work at Home Jobs, Recipes & Articles For Moms - WAHM.com a work at home forum for mums
    Work at Home Jobs - Online Opportunities from Home at MoneyMakingMommy.com has a blog and a newsletter
    Work at Home Moms: Work at Home, Jobs, business opportunities, and home business ideas, a Site for Moms! has a forum

    By targeting places that have newsletters, a forum or a blog you can use signature lines and solo advertising and know that your product/service is going to be promoted to a targeted audience.

    I hope this helps
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    That is a great idea for self promotion on these forums.
    Thank you
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    Other tha forums does anyone has any list for solo email?
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    Perhaps placing an ad on Facebook. You could get very direct traffic if you market it to the right audience.
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    Target "mommy bloggers"

    if your selling a product create an affilaite program and get mommy bloggers to promote it. There is a ton of traffic in this area. We do website setups for lots of mommy bloggers and they all are looking for ways to earn money from their sites. Their target audience is women!
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      Join BlogHer. It's a ad network, but it's also a whole community for women bloggers. Doesn't cost anything and you can reply on the forums and write articles.
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    mommy blogger seems not to work at the moment but BlohHer looks really good. Thank you keep them coming. Facebook ads cab cost quite a bit.
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    moms love to look at other moms baby pics
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    Hi. I'm a mom and a blogger and I can tell you where to find us and what we are looking for.

    As a couple of people said before, you can do a search on Google for "mommy bloggers", you can put ads on Blogher, and do a million other things. But you really have to find out what they want. We are a close knit community and just want solutions to make our lives easier. If you are not offering a solution but instead are trying to hawk your wares you won't get very far.

    I just came back from a mom blogger conference with over 300 moms there. A couple of months ago there was a conference with over a 1,000 moms there. Most are stay at home moms and work at home moms.

    All of these bloggers have space on their blogs for advertising and sponsorships. The cost can range from $10-$300 a month for a simple text link or top banner position. We have the attention of hundreds and thousands of other moms.

    Again you must have something of value, something that matters to us.

    If you have more questions feel free to send me a private message. If you want to know how to market to moms, ask a mom. I am here to show you how.

    Samantha - Writing Master | Web Content | Ghostwriter
    Beautiful eBook Covers | Text Link Ads ~ $15 a month ~ PR3 Mom Site

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    Forum will be great
    basically, if you want target them, you have to know more about their behavior, about their problem. Let's say...they find difficulties in taking care their kids while working..just find the right keyword, find/create the solution product and when you get are in first position for the keyword, you will start making long term money
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    Just to let you know I have a need to address a similar market with a product that I'm incredibly passionate about because it does good in a market largely full of lowlife. I've been in touch with the advertising team at blogher.com. I'll update here when I get an indication of rates though it looks a bit corporate and expensive.
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    try the National Association For Moms In Business - the leading association representing the 15 million entrepreneur, executive and ceo moms in the U.S. (and Canada too). website is: mibn dot org

    There is a Marketing2Moms program/course for members with great info. or go to marketing2moms dot com
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    One great way to get this info directly from Google is via their Ad Planner.

    Basically, you want to start with one place that you KNOW has some of your audience, then use the "Sites Also Visited" section to find sites with a High Affinity to the first site.

    Then you just keep drilling further and further, by looking at those sites, etc...

    The data is directly from Google, and it's based on their tracking data of what sites people visit.

    Here is your first page...and you can drill further from there:

    Also, you'll want to play around with the Ad Planning tool...it will bring back a ton of great information, including ad details.

    Hope this helps,
    Jack Duncan
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    Just thought of one more for you...

    I'd try PPV on Etsy.com.

    That site is made up of roughly 80% women, and they are "pre-qualified" in the sense that they are running a business via making their own products.

    Not sure what you plan on marketing to them, but if it is something that would help this group get more exposure to their handicrafts, then you have a huge traffic source there to tap into...

    Jack Duncan
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    My wife is a mother. She doesn't get out alot. The best way to reach mom's are using Social Media like Facebook and Myspace.

    I know a ton of Moms (her friends) are also on those cheesy apps like Farmville, Fronteirville, and YoVille.

    Maybe you could advertise there?

    Eddie Spradley

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    My first place would be Childcare sites. Or online shops. Im sure you will find sites, where they sell banner ads. Friend of mine, whos girfriend just got baby...she hangs around these sites for hours every day. Looking for baby clothes and other stuff.

    Offline advertising can work out very well also. For example perfect place to advertise weight loss guide, is local gym wall. Moms, im sure you find places where they hang out in your town/city. And sometimes you might get even better conversions and sales.

    When i promoted weight loss once, and had poster up in couple of local gyms, my traffic and sales were mad. I mean insane. These people don't know anything about internet marketing, so you will have very low refund rate also. Again, it all depens what you promote etc.

    Hope this helps and gives you some ideas

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    Enter into Google "Women owned businesses +Forums" for a list of forums of women owned businesses. Create a female named email address for your website and join the forums
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    And just an FYI: some of my secret research (stuff that I don't give away for free) indicates that mothers are the most RESPONSIVE buying group to products and services which are promoted by OTHER MOTHERS. Mother-to-mother is one of the very most POWERFUL social marketing opportunities that exists because the trust factor from one mother of another is the highest-ranking trust factor among any group.
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    I am very grateful for all your answers and honest advice. Many of you gave me a lot to think. If anyone has more resources (websites/lists) I would appreciate sharing them.
    @ samalexis I will talk to you soon. I am not ready to show you my work yet so I will wait for now. Thank you
    @Rew72 I will be awaiting your research results

    Thank you all again
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    moms and women in general spend more money online, so should not be to difficult to come up with something that is niche
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    You are right baby market is big but also competition is big thanks
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    Any mom blogger here?
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