Is there a course or consultant for this?

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I have been earning a 6 figure income for years as an affiliate marketer without ever having a website or paying for advertising. I have my mind set now on attacking a big industry, with profitable keywords that have serious competition, but that are not impossible to catch up to. I don't care if I have to post 50 - 70 back links a day for three years for each keyword. I have the time and income to do things right. I have been studying most of the strategies and have bought the software needed to accomplish my goal. Besides the typical link wheels I plan on using my main website in conjunction with hundreds of other mini-sites for all the micro niches, some of which will be auto content filled and others that will be automated sites filled with ads. I am looking for help in how to best coordinate everything for both sales and SEO purposes. Is there a consultant or training course for such a task?

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