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Hey all,

I was thinking about this:

At any given time, you could do a search on this forum and find so many unique and creative ways to make money online, write persuading copy, drive all the traffic you need, and most importantly (in addition to MUCH more)... Get all the help you could ask for from people who have most likely already done what you're trying to do. All you have to do is put in the time and work to make it happen.

Despite everything though, so many people are struggling, or just NOT making a single dime online. Some of these people have been at it for months, some for years, and the results still aren't coming.

I believe the reason why is that you don't keep going or give up and quit on whatever it is you're doing.

But I don't understand why.

Given this forum alone, with its plethora of posts and helpful members always ready and willing to lend a hand, why is it that you quit? Do you realize that there's already proven methods of making money out there, and you can be a success story by just working hard and applying what you learn?

So if you're one of those people struggling, why do you quit? What's holding you back?

This isn't meant to be a "Hey I'll throw up a one-line response to get my signature in this thread" kind of thing. Do some serious introspection, whether you respond here or not.

Mentality and work ethics are two of the most important things you can ever develop, especially in internet marketing, and especially if you want to make this a full-time gig. They're even more important than thousand-dollar courses. People can be SHOWN exactly what to do, but few will actually DO it and take action.

If you want to make this work, you need to be one of those people that take action, and to do that you need to figure out what it is that makes you quit and fail or that's holding you back.

As Tony Horton said in P90X (which I'm now going through): "No one said this was going to be easy."

Get the mind set, take action, and get the results. Success is only hard work away.

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    You are so right Tom - unfortunately I am sure that a lot of people don't succeed because they flit from one thing to another - chasing shiny toys while the serious money makers knuckle down and do the work themselves to be a success, when they can outsource it all.

    I have read hundreds of new product launches, systems and methods for supposedly making fast money; but not one of them has ever worked - I took action; I followed the steps and I did not make money - so how come I am able to sit at my computer everyday and literally say "I need money" and then get some - because I work at it everyday - and so I make money everyday and I never think for a second it could be any easier than it is.

    You need to plan a business model; You need to work at your business everyday no matter what you are doing online; you need to put in place long term and useful marketing efforts and yes that might mean writing some articles. I do know that you won't make money for the long term if you can't be bothered to put in the hours and the graft in the short term - not a popular philosophy, but one that works.

    I think that is why people quit Tom - because it is not easy making money online - and quite frankly if anybody is selling you a program that tells you that it is then I would think twice about buying it (I already have heaps of them, lol). If you are consistent in your efforts, actually take action everyday and remember that this is a business you are creating not a chance at winning the lottery then you will make it online - and I know there are a number of people on this forum that would agree with me because they are doing it too.

    Success is going from failure to failure with enthusiasm - Winston Churchill

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    I don't. Ever.

    (I do get your point though)

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      Originally Posted by good2go4 View Post

      If you are consistent in your efforts, actually take action everyday and remember that this is a business you are creating not a chance at winning the lottery then you will make it online - and I know there are a number of people on this forum that would agree with me because they are doing it too.
      See, that's the golden nugget right there if I ever saw one lol. Thanks for the thoughts Lisa, very solid and true. And awesome quote

      Originally Posted by Gary King View Post

      I don't. Ever.
      I wish more people had that mentality, especially when 'work' is involved lol.

      Oh btw, I'm very much enjoying the video squeeze pages, man
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      Originally Posted by Gary King View Post

      I don't. Ever.

      (I do get your point though)
      Yeah, me too. Haven't quit yet and dont plan to.
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    I think a lot of people quit because it's easier than actually
    putting in the work.

    I have seen so many of these posts talking about not making
    money where the OP has barely even done anything, that
    I just click away because I know my opinion is not one they
    want to hear.

    I used to be in the group that whined that I had tried this and
    tried that and had nothing to show for it. In actuality all I did
    was write a few articles and post them to EZA with no sales.

    It wasn't until I started treating this as a business, that I started
    to make some real money.

    I hate to say it and admit it, but if you really dig down and take
    focused, effective action then you cannot help but make some

    Just my two cents.
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    I have lost the "QUIT" button. And I will never look for it.

    Let no one pity me for losing it because I'm finer without it.
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    Quitting is just an easy way out that most people take rather than sticking around and follow through to the end. Sometimes I feel down.. but I keep telling myself to focus on the reward and big picture to keep myself motivated.
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    I initially quitted (but had a change of heart after a tragedy took place) because I wasn't seeing the results I thought I would quick enough. I also think my mindset wasn't were it should be. I would steady a method and mistaken simple for easy.

    THen there was the inconsistancy in the methods I was using. I honestly think I wasn't giving some methods enough time to prove themselves worthy of my money and/or time.
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    I think some people quit, or actually don't really start, because they do want it to be like winning the lottery. It turns out they'd rather spend time dreaming about the money than actually doing what it takes to earn the money.

    Then there's SOS (Shiny object syndrome). They work sooo hard and get disillusioned because they don't have much to show for it. That is discouraging, for sure. But they don't think about how they flit from one new info product to the next, always optimistic that it will contain the key that opens the door, when if they just took the business model that resonates the most with them and work it all the way through, 100%, they'd find success.

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    I think its more "i need to do this", than "i can do this".

    Let me explain:

    Option 1: your life is just OK, you have just OK house, just OK car...partner, decent job where money is OK...and you are doing internet marketing as a side job. Hoping that 1 day you can quit your main job.

    Option 2: Your life sucks, renting crap appartment, no car, single, job sucks - 1 day have something, another day sitting at home. Money is just enough to pay bills.

    Question is, who will work harder in internet marketing to succeed? Option 2 for sure. He has his "back against the wall", and he "needs to do it" in order to survive.
    While Option 1 can do it "for fun", as he has job, life is ok, and he is just lazy (nothing to worry about). If things go OK, good for me...if i don't succeed what...

    You will do more, when you need to do do nothing, when you want to do it.

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    My wife... Makes me quit alot of stuff.

    Eddie Spradley

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