How do you add a pdf file to your aweber autoresponder message?

by entrepreneurjay 10 replies
How do I add a pdf file An E-Book on my desktop to my aweber autoresponder message? I want to give away a free ebook to my mailing list, but I need help inserting the pdf file where my subscribers can access the free ebook once they sign up.

:confused:Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
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    interesting to see if you can. What I've done is host it on a webpage and send a link in the autoresponder.
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      Just attach the file. You'll see that option if it's a broadcast, at least. Then you don't have to upload it anywhere.

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        Your attachment needs to be 1 megabyte or less.

        I lean towards Blade Runner's solution.

        Hope this helps.



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    I wouldn't recommend sending it as an attachment because it
    will bloat the file size of the email and set off spam filters.

    Also, many people are wisely conditioned never to open an
    attachment they aren't expecting, which must put human
    resources people in a difficult position because they're always
    getting resumes in the email.

    The approach I recommend and use is to link to the PDF.
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      To add to what Loren W. is need to upload the PDF to a sub-directory off of your domain name. Does your domain name host your opt in box?
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    Try digioh[dot]com. It intergates with Aweber, Mail Chimp and more. They have a free trial for about $2.99 mo. but the files will be limited for downloading after a month. You'll have to upgrade so your subscribers joining at anytime will have access to the files -- without expiring. See Digioh account plans for more details.

    Your files will be secured only to subscribers. No one will be able to share them via e-mail without subscribing first. If you don't want to use Digioh. Try Giving your subscribers a free file (eg an eBook) using Feedburner.
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    You can upload it somewhere and link to it , you can also attach it but it might not be the best solution.

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    Fazal this post is 3 years old. Better late to.the party than never I guess lol
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    Maybe you should try upload that PDF file first in your hosting. After that, try to locate the file in your file manager for you to determine its URL ( and include that link in your list's welcome message.
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    Just upload it to your site and add the direct link inside your Aweber email.
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