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Hey Warriors

I am starting to build up my IM business and it is starting to take off. I want to keep the momentum going so I would like to dig into the service part. I want your advice on an idea that I have and get your feedback.

I am looking to start a remote computer repair service which is something I do currently as a day job for many years. I have the tools to remotely fix and diagnose most any problem with a PC as long as it has internet access. I wanted to get some reviews on what you all thank of this proposed business.

I plan on writing an E-Book on how to maintain your computer and optimize your performance and free software that you can use to avoid paying for products that are free and do the samething. I have many years and EXTENSIVE knowledge when it comes to PCs. This is something I feel is important to most people in IM or any other online business because your system is your machine that generates cash for you.

I am very open to any reviews rather good or bad I want you all to be straightforward as I want to know your opinion on Strengths Weaknesses And Opprotunites to this business.
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    I think you have a very good idea and one that would clearly work. If you promote yourself in the right way, to a targeted market (like people with slow PCs) then you should get a lot of business. It sounds like you have the tools, now all you need is the marketing plan and you should be making money

    Good luck
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      Here's what I would do with this.

      I would create a SHORT, to-the-point PDF. Like "How to Speedup Your Slow PC with Free tools." Or "5 (7, 9, whatever) Free Techniques for Speeding up Your Slow PC!" You get the idea.

      Your PDF.

      My name is GMoney. I have a background with helping... yadah, yadah, yadah.
      The intro is NOT about you. It's about them! They should be thinking "Yea, this guy looks like he should know what he's talking about."

      The intro should only be 4, 5 maybe 6 sentences. One of those sentences might be something like "I have helped several companies remotely repair their PCs's." You will see where this comes in shortly.

      Technique 1) Defrag your hard drive.
      Defragging ...
      3, 4 may 5 sentences.

      Technique 2) Removing temporary files ...
      3, 4 may 5 sentences.

      Technique 3)
      3, 4 may 5 sentences.

      Okay, you get the idea.

      This PDF should be like cheese cake; short, sweet, dense and to-the-point.

      I would put up a WSO and sell this PDF for $5-$7.00. Do NOT give it away!

      What does all this get you and where does your remote PC service come in?

      You have gone through the process to build a product. A product that you can sell now and give away as a bonus later.

      You will have started building your list with BUYERS. I would rather have 30 buyers than 200 freebies. But that's me.

      And your Remote PC Service? That's the back end to your PDF product. Close your PDF with "GMoney's Remote PC Service Special Offer." Where you will

      1) blah, blah
      2) yadah, yadah
      3) some of this
      4) some of that

      All for the Special Price of X9.95.

      See where that sentence in the intro set them up a bit.

      Okay. There you go.

      Good luck.



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        Originally Posted by DigitalJoe View Post

        Here's what I would do with this.

        I would create a SHORT, to-the-point PDF. Like "How to Speedup Your Slow PC with Free tools." Or "5 (7, 9, whatever) Free Techniques for Speeding up Your Slow PC!" You get the idea.
        .................................................. .........

        Okay. There you go.

        Good luck.

        Further to the excellent answer you got from Joe:

        If you provide a good service (which I believe you do), why don't you offer your service in this forum to start with.
        See the "Warriors for Hire" section - it is brilliant.
        I am sure there are a lot of warriors without IT skills that will be happy to use a fellow warrior's service.
        Just make sure you describe your service straight to the point with not too much bla bla and you offer attractive prices.
        If you succeed here - you will succeed anywhere,
        Good luck,
        Ido Jansen
        Author of the "Practical Internet Money guide"[B]
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    WOW! This is good information guys. I really appreciate this. Thank you so much I will get to work on this immediately.

    Don't just follow the Pack...Lead the Pack

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    Great idea! I'm sure there are tons of people out there with slow computer that would be needing your assistance.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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    Thanks again everyone this is good feedback which is what I need

    Don't just follow the Pack...Lead the Pack

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    The only thin you would need to work on is building trust. A lot of people would be very wary of letting a stranger wander around their PC using remote access.
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    Sounds like a good idea. How will you establish trust though? I would not let someone go into my computer and look around unless I knew them.

    This sounds like it could be a good idea for local prospects, that way you would have a local affiliation at least.
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    Well locally I already do it consulting wise. I actually go onsite though. I want to take it a step further and perform remtely. You have a ton of sites that do it now. Such as and other .com sites that do commercials saying purchase this for 29.99 and we will fix blue screens and all this jazz which they dont just do alot of the stuff I will offer in my ebook that teachs individuals how to do this themselves

    Don't just follow the Pack...Lead the Pack

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    HI am try the similar idea..
    Like to hear from you. Here is my layout of pricing.

    $19.95 per month 3 month min….
    Virus, run faster, everything that can be done over on-line

    $29.95 Per month 6 month min… Cover your computer for failure… You ship it to us (we pay and return it fixed)
    All labor is covered you just pay for parts.

    $9.95 per month… on-line program--- general fix your computer auto. Done with program… It does not fix specific problems.
    If you need a tune-up with this – your cost would be $24.95 for each Tune up.

    One Time Tune-up $59.95


    Roger Rohrs (skype:

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    good luck good planes
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      I also think this is a great idea, and could go far. I think as long as you can build up a good reputation, and show your customers your trustworthy, you will do well.

      I also recommend the Warriors for Hire section here, it's a great place to start off your business and get some feedback.

      Hope this helps.

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