The Money is in the List

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A reminder for myself and newbies,

Don't waste time, gather every effort to build your list first.

1.Ethically post in forums,
2. Video's on Youtube
3. Article publishing
4. ebook giveaways..

build your list folks!

points to ponder,

By doing keyword backlinking you are getting there in top spot, but may takes a lot longer time to compete, (but will be rock solid for at least untill your competitor beats you with more backlinking)

by doing all these above, let say no.1 - Ethically post in'll get instant laser targeted prospects..

lets do this for at least 5 days, without fail and see the outcome in the # of signups..

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    I might add that the "money is in the *RELATIONSHIP* with the list" and not just the list. Otherwise you can buy a list of 1 million (spammers) but still never make a buck.
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      Originally Posted by Vincenzo Oliva View Post

      I might add that the "money is in the *RELATIONSHIP* with the list" and not just the list. Otherwise you can buy a list of 1 million (spammers) but still never make a buck.
      that's why you need a list of 8 million

      Looking for new affiliates for a penny auction web site -- please send me a PM

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    I agree relationship building is as important as getting the sign ups. There have been a lot of threads on here lately about the number of people who unsub from lists because the content is virtually nil - I mean how many times can you handle getting 6 - 10 emails a day from the same list that all have sales messages in them - this seems to be something that a lot of people are thinking about now, so make sure you have some useful free content to share with your list as you are building it.

    Best wishes
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    business is about relationship... well said Lisa and Vincenzo..

    ..what values do you give in the relationship apart from others in the same field or niche..that is the most important..
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    Just Wondering.. when you say post Videos on youtube.. You do it for the purpose of building backlinks or for the sake of building your list? I have never really used Youtube, but I figure you may get lots of traffic but not laser targeted as it would for other methods.

    Unless you do it for building backlinks.. then it's another story.
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      Constantly feed your list better quality content for FREE than your competition is giving them in paid content, and you will have your list eating out of your hand.

      What is it that Frank Kern says?

      "Step 1: Give away free things that make people happy. Step 2: Sell them things that make them even happier. Step 3: Repeat."

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    yeah i agree
    i learned something from a guy i was subscribed in his list.
    i loved being a subscriber in his mail list ? why ? because he gives alot of free untapped tricks and also free gifts.
    i assume CTR will encrease the more you give free and cools stuff to your list

    That way if you dedicate 2 days a week to send a good affiliate offer you will make alot of money out of just one mail .

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    I absolutely agree, the money is definitely in the list! Thanks for the reminder. ;-)
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  • I couldn't agree more with all of you. The money is in the relationship with your list. The only way to build this relationship is to provide free value to your list. If you constantly try and sell to your list you will lose subscribers very quickly. No matter how good your products are.

    give your list huge value and when you come to sell to them they will bite your hand off to give you their money.
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    This is the only business model that I strongly believe in. My 1st Mentor taught me that if you want to make monthly passive income of $2000/mth, you need to have a marketing system that builds a list of 5000 subscribers.

    Without a tested and proven marketing system, it is hard to make a passive income online.

    Make sure you create a blog to build credibility and communicates with your subscribers.

    Constant communication with your subscribers is what it takes to create a responsive list.

    Weekly marketing lessons also help to gain trust and build good relationship with them.

    The list is your asset and take good care of it and they will take good care of yours too.


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    I think relationship building is a huge part of it.
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  • @Winson, I couldn't agree more. You should definitely have some sort of blog or site documenting your progress as you grow as a marketer. Not only does it help you to see how far you have come and give you motivation but it is also a great place for your prospects to find out about you. Hopefully your blog will be full of comments from your satisfied customers giving you added credibility.

    Then you can send them to your squeeze page from there as well!
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