Can i do this using Twitter?

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Hey. I decided i was gonna start using twitter

Sometime back, i decided to follow Brad Callen...and then sometime later i got what appears to be an automated email by him, thanking me and offering to ship me a free report in return for shipping details..and that got me thinking.

How would i go about doing that, so when someone decides to follow me, i can send an automated message thanking them & sending them to a squeeze page to get them onto my list.

Any herlp would be great
Thanks in advance.
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    you would have to use one of the heaps of Twitter programs there are that allow you to set up a message that will go out to anybody that follows you automatically. There is bound to be a reference to one on this forum somewhere - I use SocialOomph and that allows me to send a tweet as a direct message to anybody that follows me so you could try that - I use the free version and it seems to work okay

    best wishes
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      You can send Direct Messages to anyone after they follow you. Most DM's contain links and a lot of people ignore them. In saying that if you do the numbers you will get a % who do click and take action.

      Every person that has followed me gets a DM from me with a link to my website. Not shortened. So they know its my link not an affiliate link.

      I use TweetSpinner to do this. It is a paid service and it handles following, un-following auto tweets and a few other tools.

      The handy thing about the DM feature is that you can Send unique DM's using their spinning script to change out some words. You can also have a number of DM's that are sent out on rotation or are sent based on some criteria link number of followers, number of days since they opened their account etc.

      This might be a bit much if you are only starting. If SocialOomph if free and it sends DM's then go for it. You can look at paid services when you get going.
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