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by Louis Raven 12 replies
Every one knows google loves blogs, right?
WHY!! what makes google love BLOGS, Fresh content?

If Google truly does love blogs, I think the question should be.. "what makes a blog?".

Linking to Blogger or wordpress?

the stucture?

I believe if you know what google looks for to determine what is a blog, you'll have a lot of power behind you and your NON blog sites.

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    Seems like the term "blog" has transformed into something other than it is.. which is organized content. I think the idea is that it is structured in a variety of ways (ie, main page, categories, tags, whatever).
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    Google likes any well organized sites that are updated frequently. Blogs fall into that category so google love blogs.
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      Hi Louis,

      Every guru under the sun is telling me "big G loves blogs"
      Where are they telling you that? On their salespages and in their emails? Are those pages and mails selling a blogging related product?

      You know the rest....

      Hi Brad,
      Google likes any well organized sites that are updated frequently. Blogs fall into that category so google love blogs
      Sorry, but with respect -

      a) most blogs are an organisational nightmare. Half the time I end up having to use the archives to navigate because there's no category or post listing, just 5 recent posts. That's on the outside.

      On the inside there are dupe pages - tag pages, category pages etc on most blogs that haven't already solved these issues.

      Static sites normally never have these issues.

      b) Go and read Griz's sites about making money with adsense - the ones he does really well with, ranks at the top with, and updates with a new post every fortnight/month if you're lucky! But I will admit that he has a lively comment base (re - updated frequently), and I do think this is one of the reasons that blogs do well in SEs.

      You can achieve certain things very well with blogs, but to say 'google loves blogs' or 'google loophole' is misleading. The reasons why the gurus are saying what they are saying is above.

      Roger Davis

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    I thought it had something to do with the responses of the services that WordPress blogs ping whenever a new post is made, and the fact that such services (Technorati etc) already have some standing with Google.

    Maybe the ping's the thing

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    Good point Diana. That certainly is a reason why a blog would get crawled quicker and more often (if you update your blog often) than a static site.

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    I do both. A lot of wordpress, since is it easy and you don't have to login.

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    Google loves well organised content that's updated frequently -- a side effect of blogs, rather than the blog aspect itself. Having said that, they almost certainly have special rules by now for this kind of thing.
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