Chrome and Roboform ~ Easy to do!

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I have seen a few posts about this and wanted to help...

I have loaded RoboForm onto Chrome... and for those who thought it can't be done,
it is very easy to do.

1. Install the latest RoboForm
2. Open the Chrome browser and install the RoboForm for Chrome Adapter:
3. Restart Chrome. You should see Roboform icon on top right and toolbar at the bottom.

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    Originally Posted by cpasalejerry View Post

    thanks angela, roboform is very useful, I used it on firefox

    I actually use it in IE for much faster loading of html docs. For Firefox for the tweaks and addons. and for chorme for fast searches... Roboform is great but don't store UN and password of your paypal account or paypal addresses just to be safe ^^,

    The only problem about it is that it requires you to purchase after you store more than 10 passwords....


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      Chrome is still in beta, and can be a regal pain in the butt with many things.

      I still fall back on FireFox each time Chrome screws up.

      Jose Gonzalez
      (no pitch)

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    I used to mainly use IE, but have had too many problems with it lately.
    I also use Firefox on occasion but find it to be a bit of a resource hog.
    So it was suggested I try Chrome and I have been very happy with it.

    Today I decided to download the Google Toolbar to Chrome and was
    surprised to find it is not supported. One would think Google would
    support it's own toolbar! Go figure.

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    Ubot and Greasemonkey scripts are also good at this.

    I developed a new (FREE) PPC/SEO tracking system, go to to and enter your email and you will be sent the download link and install instructions .... Also increase your revenue with my Geotargeting script.

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    Originally Posted by noangel View Post

    I have loaded RoboForm onto Chrome... and for those who thought it can't be done,
    it is very easy to do.
    Thanks so much for this, Angela - I have been wanting to use Roboform with Chrome for a while! I followed your steps and it worked perfectly!

    Although, I did switch things up a bit. I recently replace Google Chrome with ChromePlus. (they look almost identical) I didn't do this because of the 5 or 6 enhancements that ChromePlus has over Google Chrome. I made the switch because of privacy / security. See discussion here:

    The Difference between ChromePlus and Google Chrome in Privacy Policy | ChromePlus

    Anyway, I was hoping that this Chrome plug-in would work in ChromePlus and the answer is YES!

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      Thank you Sparky,

      Glad it worked out well for you.

      ChromePlus looks very interesting. I will give it a try.

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