I made $5 with adsense yesterday!

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to share with you a quick story.
Maybe it will inspire some of you to take action.

Yesterday was my highest adsense earnings day of $5.
I know It's not much by any means but I also know there are a lot of warriors out there who are yet to have their first $5 day with adsense.

The story of how I got that $5 is quite interesting I think.
I made it with just 1 website. I don't have a hundred micro niche sites.

So here's the story:

I had this 1 website I built around a certain keyword to promote a few CPA offers. I built the website, wrote 2-3 articles myself that sucked a lot because I knew nothing about the niche. They were basically promotions for the offers and I built some links and left the site. As time passed the site got ranked high by itself. It's now #2 in google for it's main keyword which is getting about 3000 searches a month. So i'm getting a little bit of traffic but unfortunately for some reason I'm seeing no conversions, I think the keyword is not that targeted and my site sux, too. I don't think I'm giving people what they expect because it has 86% bounce back rate which is not good at all..

So a year passed and this site was not making me any money and domain was expiring, but the site is getting some traffic about 800 uniques a month. So I decided before I let it expire to slap some adsense ads on it first and see what happens. To my surprise the site started making some money and yesterday was my highest day. I was pleasantly surprised to see I made $5 while sleeping from a site I thought was dead.

$5 is not a lot for most people, but that's still enough to cover the cost of 1 article. So my almost failed project now turned into an asset. It's currently making me about $2 on average which is not a lot but it's better than nothing and now I have options. I can flip the site for I don't know at least $200 or I can add more articles to it and build it more and hopefully get more traffic and pump up its revenue.

I think I like the second option more so that's what I'm going to do. I think it's best to try to build 1 website into an authority site by taking your time instead of building 100 micro sites with no real content and value for the visitor. It's ok to start this way.. but once it's making you money why not invest it back into the site?

So what's the moral of the story?

If you take action you can't really fail.

You'll always get some results. If you focus on 1 project you'll likely make some money. It may not be as much as you hoped for but who cares. You'll have learned a lot on the way. You can flip the failed project to recoup your investment and start over but this time you'll be better because you've learned through experience. OR you can tweak it and make it better until you've achieved your desired goal.

Or maybe the site is making just 1/10th of what you wanted to make. Does that mean you failed? No, it means you'll just have to build 9 more sites like it or work harder on this one. And you'll have the confidence to do it now because after you've done it once - it means you can do it, so there's nothing stopping you from doing it again.. and again as many times as you like until you reach your goal.

So here's my advice for you if you're a newbie.

Don't quit your job until you make more money with your online business!

And here a few reasons for that:

Having a job will provide you with security and you'll be able to work on your business without worrying about paying your bills. You won't feel stressed and will be able to focus better when working on your business.

You will also have an incentive to work harder on your business(and quit your job as soon as possible.)

You'll be able to invest back all of your earnings back into your business.

Because at first your earnings will be low and if you rely on it to pay the bills your business growth will suffer and you won't allow yourself to..

build momentum!

So do you think you can build a site making you $2 a day if you work hard and you're focused. Of course you can. You probably already have all the info you need, having bought so many courses. Don't you?
You may have already done that but thought you failed..

Then do you think you can get that $2 a day and reinvest it and build 1 more site and grow that to $4 a day? And then reinvest that and work your system until you reach your desired income?

I made a big mistake of spending all the money I made from my online business so far. Have I had reinvest it back into my business I would've probably reached my goal many times by now..

So that's what I plan to do. From now on what I make online goes back into my business so that I build momentum and grow my business exponentially.

Adsense is an easy way to make money for beginners because you don't have to worry about conversions. Just place the ads in good positions and you'll get clicks. Then you just have to worry about getting traffic, and putting out more content. Google loves unique content and rewards it. A friend of mine has a hobby site with a lot of articles he wrote, and I'm almost sure he never built any backlinks to it but he is getting a ton of traffic. And he knows nothing about SEO either, he hasn't done any keyword research to find the best keywords to write articles about. It's just his topic ideas. It's true what they say that content is king. The more of it you have online the bigger your asset driving you traffic. More traffic = more money.

As they say internet marketing is a numbers game!
If you can make a site bringing you $1 a day you're almost half way there..
It's just about staying consistent in working your system, reinvesting the profits, building momentum, outsourcing and scaling.

That's what I think..
but I still have achieved a lot less than what I consider success and what many other warriors have. I've even witnessed some people go from zero to hero while I still struggle so..
..I should say: use my advice for entertainment purposes only.

I don't know may be I'm not qualified to give you advice and you shouldn't listen to me.. but maybe you should!

It's your choice..
Now go take some action and remember that you can't fail.
The only way to fail is to give up and I know you won't do that!
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    The key to this story... if you have a site that isn't converting for products - but it gets a good bit of traffic: Slap Some Adsense On It.

    I do this all the time!

    Until I have time to get back to that site and "make it work" - I'm going to make more than it costs me for the domain renewal and hosting.

    Good job!
    Did you know that you can use Public Domain content for articles, blog posts, products, free reports and more? Debra's Public Domain Treasure Hunter blog can show you how....

    Ordinary Baby Boomer making money from home - Debra Conrad blog.
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      Congratulations to you. If you can make $5 in one day with a website, I'm sure you can do $100 a day with multiple websites.
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      There you have it sports fans...proof positive. You CAN make money online! COngratulations!
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    Great job. Adsense isn't always the best business model but if your sales page is not converting, it may be the best bet!

    A great example of how to use small time adsense sites and then scale up by making more and more of them, and after a while you could make a real full-time business out of it.

    Keep going...
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    I did the same thing with a site I designed around a CPA offer.

    Not a lot of traffic and AdSense clicks, but when I do get click thrus, the ones I get are usually good; between $2-$3 per click.

    I am slowly getting it to rise organically (lot of articles & RSS) and hopefully can bump up the traffic. And the irony...?

    Not a single CPA conversion on the original offer...
    Tips I've picked up over 11 years of online marketing... FInd out the best ones here
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  • What's the minimum wage in your State?
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    5 bucks is 5 bucks. Imagine if you had 20 sites making $5!
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    Good job Buddy, The first Dollar made is the most memorable. Keep it up!
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    Congrats and glad that 5 bucks has you motivated to make more!

    Very true on reinvesting in your business too.

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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      Nice work! It can be a struggle at first but if you stick with it you'll find it very rewarding.
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    I purchased Site Profit Bot when it first launched and thought BMW. Well I now have 40 sites and yesterday I made my first £0.04 from one. Another waste of money.
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    Nice one. $5 aint much though, you could build this up a lot if you do some quality keyword research and find some phrases with low comp. and reasonable CPC, seeing as you've found Adsense is working. Love to hear what you manage to do with it in say 3 months...
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    Nice work! You seem to be on the right track, now just scale up!
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    • Profile picture of the author Ivelin2008
      Thanks, for your kind words everyone!
      I had another $5 day btw.

      Yes I think if you work on a site and get some traffic and no conversions you can always put adsense and recoup your domain investment at least. Or maybe flip it.

      natorob: I had no single conversion to my original offer either.

      davidjames42973: I hope you're right!

      Yes I did some keyword research yesterday and found 10 keywords to target. I haven't researched the competition yet but I'll find 10 keywords with low competition and build pages around them, post some articles, bookmark them and see what happens.

      I think that google rewards a site that posts unique content frequently and you can get traffic even without building a lot of links. The more content you have, the more long tail keywords you catch. So if content=traffic, traffic=money then I'll focus on adding more content on the web targeting low competition keywords. When I get enough I can hopefully reach my $100 a day.

      This is not my first money online, I've made some money with some other sites promoting CPA offers or as an affiliate but not a lot by any means and I made the mistake of not reinvesting it back and building on the sites. But it's my first adsense money and yes I got excited because I didn't knew how easy it was.

      Everybody says google sux, it slapped my website or whatever but I think google is great because it gives everybody an opportunity and fair chance to make some money by contributing to the web which is what they want I think.

      They make it easy to use their program, they bring you traffic when you build your site so it's great. Yes I know the support sux but apart from that they are a good company to work with.

      So yeah wish me luck, I wish you all success as well.
      Of course I will update you WHEN I get to $100 a day because I know it's just a matter of time and how much effort I put each day..

      But for now my goal is a $10 day with adsense.
      I'll add more articles, I'll also switch the CPA offer I'm promoting on the site and add a few banners on the site. I may also try to change the layout and hopefully bring down the bounce rate or get higher clickthrough, although my clickthrough is not bad.

      And we'll see what happens.
      I love what one of my favorite internet marketer Jason Fladlien teaches:
      You learn 10 times more by taking action than by reading on a subject.

      plus you make no real progress by reading, only by doing.
      So I think our main focus should always be on doing..
      (instead of buying every WSO on the earth)
      and be reading only when we hit a brick wall.

      so thanks again everyone,
      till later..
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    congrats! I'm just starting out on my adsense adventure! Wish you continued luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author good2go4
    Congratulations - you seem to have found a little sleeper and you have given me some motivation to go back and revisit some of my older sites - keep it up and scale it up
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    • Profile picture of the author LasseKohau
      Hi Ivelin,

      This is a great example of testing in internet marketing.

      If you can tmnetarize it with clickbank or CPA, test it with Adsense or other payment programs.

      Its all about utiliziog the traffic coming in the right way.

      Could also be, that the website was good for opt ins, in stead of money making.
      (list building)

      regards, LASSE
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  • Profile picture of the author skibbz
    $5 a day should be able to cover your monthly hosting fees...thats like $150 per month. not bad at all. just keep scaling up. more traffic=more adsense income
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  • Profile picture of the author markhanrry
    Congratulations I have 7 blogs and I'm making $2 to $2.5 per day in Google Adsense. Good luck with your site.
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  • Profile picture of the author Zack Lim
    Hi Ivelin,

    Great job and congratulation to getting some results.

    The worse thing to do is to do nothing. Keep on duplicating your own system to see more income online


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  • Profile picture of the author jlxsolutions
    5$ is nice gah was gonna place a google rant but i dont want to disencourgae anyone.
    Keep it up and soon it be 10 then 20 then more and more if your doing it right.
    I no longer know what right is as i am going down hill but your going up so
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  • Profile picture of the author King Shiloh

    Your post really inspired me. You will indeed go places with that.

    BTW, I like the way you write.

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  • Profile picture of the author Rikki_Fawkes
    Yesterday was a $5+ AdSense day for me, too - and all off of a few YouTube videos. I just wish I could motivate YouTube to ADSense my entire account, not just a few of my videos here and there.

    Learn how you can get paid writing online with NO startup money! I will help you make part-time or full-time income as a freelance writer at http://getpaidwriting.org. No previous writing experience necessary!

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  • Nobody should sneer at $5 a day. You'd have to have $100,000 in the bank to earn that much in interest.

    Nice job!
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  • Profile picture of the author Freelancer's Mind
    Good job! Adsense can be a silent moneymaker...and you're right the key is to take action. Try, try, try...and some day you'll see a surprise.
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    • Profile picture of the author Thomas Buckley
      Originally Posted by Freelancer's Mind View Post

      Good job! Adsense can be a silent moneymaker...and you're right the key is to take action. Try, try, try...and some day you'll see a surprise.
      ^^ What he said.
      And Congratz!
      keep doing what your doing Soon you will be making hundreds

      Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb - The windy day is not the day for thatching.

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    congrats! thats a good start.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jazzman
    You are perfectly right to give yourself a pat on the back. That is what is good about IM. You do the work upfront and then get paid residuals. Great work.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nelson Felix
    good job! the next action is keep and spread your revenue, then copy it!
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  • Profile picture of the author Vusal
    Good job! keep going!


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  • Profile picture of the author theultimate1
    Hi Ivelin2008,

    Congratulations! That's a grand start

    Would you be willing to share the layout of your site and your AdSense ad placements please? It would help us all a great deal if you could kindly do some rough draft on MS Paint, highlighting the appropriate areas. Much thanks to you
    If Content Is Your King, Then This GhostRider.. err.. GhostWriter Is Your Knight!
    My Sample Articles
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    Good job. You know how to do it and do it a lot more
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  • Profile picture of the author Dwight Anthony
    Yes, adsense is definitely the easiest to implement at least. I was so stoked when i made my first $1.73 with an adsense site. People with really good traffic bring in a full time income and even more with just adsense.
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