Does the Offer type really matter?

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Does the Offer type really matter or can I just drive traffic to a site and put up an offer? Or Shally I say, does the offer match the content and keywords that I am trying to rank for?
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    I post ads according to who comes to the site as well as the content. For example, a homeschooling site would usually bring in women who are moms with school age kids. That opens up a lot of possible ads. I look for ads that would pertain to that group. Of course I still want ads pertaining to the content, but other ads on that pertain to the group of people coming to the site also results in revenue.

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    Yeah BlondieWrites is write not a bad idea.... offers should be related to the content .. it will work only in that case..
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    Well, it is important that the offer being made has the relevancy with the content. This way you can drive traffic to the website and get conversions....
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    The offer type on your site really matters. In my 6 years of experience I've noticed that a lot of online surfers really entice if a certain site offers something a freebies maybe? In some way or another, this can help increase visitors to your site
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    I agree with others - the offer should match or be related in some way to the content. Your goal is to bring in targeted traffic - traffic that is more likely to convert, and if your offers are a mix-match it will be more difficult to do that.
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    Your offer has to be relevant to your content for your traffic to convert.

    You have to provide your traffic/site visitors with the solution to their common problem.

    If you don't show a fish a worm, you may never get it interested - food for thought.
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      Originally Posted by King Shiloh View Post

      If you don't show a fish a worm, you may never get it interested - food for thought.
      King, it's a good point. And there's a corollary that applies as well.

      Many fish species are known for fixating on a certain food that's present to the extent that they will ignore other food they ordinarily wouldn't. That's why you'll hear anglers talk about "matching the hatch."

      I believe that web surfers can be the same way. They can get 'dialed in' to finding a specific bit of information, or gathering information about a specific topic, and they become blind to anything else.

      Suppose I'm researching 'white noise machines' because ambient noise won't let me sleep at night. You might think that I'd be interested in anything that would help me sleep, right? Not necessarily.

      You might be able to turn me to a set of relaxation tapes or something, but you won't likely push me around the corner to OTC sleeping pills, funky pillows, etc. I'm fixated on the noise problem.
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