Here's Why You Feel Overwhelmed, And What To Do About It...

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Hi Folks

I'm just in the middle of typing up a new product, but the bit I'm typing up
right now is such a great point (sheesh, my ego ), I decided to share the
gist of it right here with the forum.

Listen... if you feel overwhelmed with "Internet Marketing" and all the stuff
you have to do and learn, change your perspective.

To illustrate:

The average American might earn let's say $25,000 a year. If they work
for 40 years, that's $1,000,000.

A lot of money, right? In other words, every working American is a
millionaire, over the course of their working life!

Now, few Americans feel like millionaires, and that's because they don't get
paid one lump sum. It's usually broken up into weekly or monthly
paychecks - and once the government have taken their cut, and the
mortgage has been paid, and the health insurance covered, and the food
and the... well, you get my point.

For most Americans on an average paycheck, it really doesn't seem like
much, does it? At least when you look at it from a weekly or monthly

Exactly the same is true with what you're doing in "internet marketing". It
may sound like a lot to do and take in, all in one go... so stop looking at it
like that!

Look at it from a different, more realistic perspective.

If you acquired just one new skill a week, you'd have 50 in a year.

If you wrote just one presell report a week, within a year you'd have over
50 reports.

If you wrote just two short articles a week, within a year you'd have over
100 articles published on article directories and sending you a steady
stream of fresh prospects to your squeeze pages.

If you wrote just two blog posts a week, within a year you'd have a blog
filled with rich material that does what you want it to do (whether that's
preselling a product, building your authority, or just getting subscribers).

If you wrote one page of a book a day, you could write a 365 page book
within a year!

10 new subscribers a day doesn't sound like a lot, does it?... but that's
3,650 in a year, a decent sized list.

You cannot do everything overnight (unless you outsource it!)... Rome
wasn't built in a day... but if you do one or two things every day, and every
week, on a regular basis... then just think what you'll have achieved as the
effects accumulate over the coming months and years!

And yes, those effects DO accumulate... because one blog post might make
a bit of difference, but 100 blog posts could turn your site into an authority
site. One article might send you a trickle of visitors, but 100 article could
send you a stream.

So if you felt overwhelmed by what you were doing, change your
perspective. (Notice also how I changed the "tense" there, into past
tense?) Sure, it's important to have an overall objective, to see "the bigger
picture"... but don't let that picture overwhelm you.

Zoom back down into the "little" picture, the daily and weekly one.

Set it down on paper as X articles a week, X blog post, X reports... figures
that you KNOW you can do easily...

... and then DO it!... achieving the "bigger picture" will form naturally, as
you add to it each week.

That's how Rome was built. That's how jigsaws are put together.

And that's how you can build what you're doing, without feeling

What do you think? Anything to add? Agree? Disagree? Think it sucks?

Don't let this post fall into the dark recesses of Page 4 without you sharing
your thoughts
#feel #overwhelmed
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    Mindset is crucial. Perspective is the engine running everything that motivates us. You can change both! Paul is so right about this. Print it out, tape it above your workspace, and refer to it as needed. LOL

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    I think we all have the tendency to want everything "right now". Especially due to the Internet spoiling us all with instant gratification (being able to download music, movies, etc at the touch of a button). But unfortunately building a real business is not an instant process. Thanks for the reminder.
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    Great matter what your passion or niche may be, you cannot digest all there is to know overnight.
    The concept of breaking it down into small pieces and attacking it on a daily basis will help you get task completed, retain more information, and become the expert in whatever you are trying to achieve.

    Sometimes you just have to force yourself to stick to the task at hand.

    Every morning when I drop two 4 year olds off for preschool, I tell them to learn just one thing...they never remember what they had for lunch despite my fixing it for them, so I do not know why I would expect them to recall anything else.

    An infectious disease trainer once told me, Mac if you do nothing else with your life, just learn one thing a day while you are on my service and in one year you will have learned 365 new things. (He did't think I could count either)

    Tonight, I sat down to write one article. After 4 hours I set up 3 sites with google analytics, uploaded 3 you tube videos, checked email, reviewed products on a membership site, and wrote a post reply on the Warrior Forum...still no article.

    Breaking things down, staying focussed, and taking action will bring you success when you are feeling overwhelmed.


    Curtis McElroy

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    Everything is in your mind! If you start to think negative, then your brain will act negative.But if you want to reach your goals and you are realy ambitious then you will be successful.

    The brain is the most important organ of your body.If you understand how it works, for sure you will reach your goals.

    And don't forget this : NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

    All the best,
    Stefan Ion
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