My Weight Loss Product Has Quit Converting. Is October a Bad Month for Weight Loss?

by ShaunAllen 18 replies
Okay, obviously we all know that the end of December to January is the critical time for weight loss. Also, May, June, July are also big months because that is summer for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

But I've only had this product since may. So far September and October have been really slow for me. Is just the time of the year and I can expect things to pick up again in December?
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    Summer is over, people are not as interested in losing weight when they can hide under winter clothing.

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    You're in for a flatline period....Mid-Oct-Nov-Dec the worst time for diet/exercise programs year in and year out. Prepare again for New Years!
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    The temperature will dropped so no more reason to show those sexy abs. Aside from this, many people would not really care about losing weight during this season because they want to enjoy the holidays and its food more.
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    It's hard to say with a lack of data. If you went from say 300 sales a month down to 150, then it's statistically relevant and there's a problem.

    If you went from 60 sales a month down to 30, even though it's the same 50% drop, it's not nearly as relevant because your control group of sales is just too small to definitely say there's an external factor.
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    Is October a Bad Month for Weight Loss?
    It has been for me. I've actually gained 3 pounds this month.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    As a rule people usually want to eat comfort food to stay warm. It's probably a carnal response or something from 'early man' - for me personally I always attempt to start exercising in winter, but never follow through because I feel lethargic in the cold and prefer to read a book by a fire.

    I asked my wife her thoughts on it too and she said "bah! I only worry about that if I have to squeeze into a bikini" I even got the 'evil eye' so I hope you appreciate my sacrifice for your data. ha ha.

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    I've got a weight loss product that's not gaining anything either right now, LOL - yeah, that was bad. Fortunately people are really hitting the automatic gold concentrators - it might be a bad time of year for weight loss, but people are thinking a lot about finances and metal.

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    Much as I hate to admit it, cold months can be depressing and this is the time of the year when people want to comfort themselves by eating and having that feel-good foods.
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    Your niche should pick back up right after Thanks Giving and again right after Christmas. = )
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    Well i have been with a weight loss company in the past, it's all mindset, action and attitude, never blame something else then your own actions.
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    1st quarter is the preverbal season for weight-loss.

    Check out your keyword target and look into some geo-based PPC campaigns after getting good data obesity program sales by region.

    Let us know what happens...
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    Possibly look into some jv action to get your offer in front of more people. The back to school time is just ending so you should see a bump in the next few weeks.
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  • Profile picture of the author Igor Kheifets
    I think you need to use this time
    to improve you sales copy, get those
    conversions rising.

    Since it's a slow period, imagine how much
    more money you will be making when Christmas
    resolutions start kicking in...

    Try changing the pricing, headlines, testimonials, etc.

    Don't wait for December to come.

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    Here's a new headline to test out:

    "How To Lose Weight Eating Nothing But Halloween Candy"

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    Wow, interesting thread...

    I see good news and bad news here...

    I'm about to launch a new weight loss & nutrition product in November...
    So weight loss being slow during the holidays is very bad news for me...

    Picking up in January, of course, is good news...

    Black Jack:

    I liked your suggestion for a holiday weight loss marketing
    approach... hope you don't mind if I use that :-)

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