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What's the best way you've found to generated targeted traffic. Keyword specific. I'm trying ad networks but they are so expensive. I'm interested in hearing about new companies or ad networks. Something different than the usual crap. Anything except, Google, Bing and Yahoo.
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    I would like more information.
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      Originally Posted by thaggins View Post

      I would like more information.
      lol, so would I! I just wasted money on Ask.com and Advertise.com. Not sure what they do but their visitors are for crap. Seems like bots or something. They never stay on the site. Yet, MSN and Google do... hrm..
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    I used to do a lot of PPC which was great and targeted. But I do
    know, based on a lot of reading and writing, that article marketing
    for syndication purposes works very well for targeted traffic. Also,
    banner ads on targeted websites work well.

    There is room for error if not executed properly. But if you do it properly,
    then it will work well.

    Article marketing for syndication requires a different approach to writing
    articles. Of course I also know people who do article marketing not
    necessarily for syndication, and they have had very good results with
    their quality of traffic.

    Hope that helps you out some.

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    You can advertise on Facebook. Try advertising on a mailing list. You could try to get real organic search results...etc etc
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    Banner Buys. BurstMedia.com

    You can target your banner to only show on certain types of sites.

    Say your pumping a site about Lizards. You want your banners and/or text to only show on sites related to Lizards.

    You can also dictate the time of day/night you need the banners to run.


    Use the CPA Networks to serve your ads/banners on a pay per sale senerio.
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  • Solo ads always work well for me.

    It's important you do your research on what your target audience is and what audience the advertisers advertises to.

    Check out Directory of Ezines for solo ads.

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    My luck with Facebook is on the downhill. Saying that it served its purpose and I was happy with whom was in fact visiting my websites etc. Worth a shot
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    A good press release can get you mountains of traffic.. or try guest blogging on other sites, that's a killer way to get fresh traffic.
    IMPORTANT MESSAGE: I'm currently on vacation & will answer all messages when I return - Happy Holidays!!
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