Solo Ads - only for freebies?

by Maddi
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Hey All,

Quick Question.

I've never been a big fan of adswaps mainly because when it comes to reciprocity involved, there is a lot of deceit involved or at least a lot of second grade PLR, MRR people expect you to send out to your list.

May be that is why I have never been an active list builder, but Hey I like to look after the list I got.
(no offence to anyone who does adswaps, I'm sure they work and I know there are some great guys out there doing it - just not my cup of tea at the moment)

However, I'm looking into doing solo ads but was thinking how about instead of sending them to a freebie why not send them to a sales page?

I'm not sure if thats allowed or common practice at all.

So, if I write an adcopy for a paid product and link it to a sales page, is it ok to do solo ads with it?

Muchos Gracias Amigos

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    Hi Maddi,

    I would stick to using solo-ads for driving traffic to a squeeze page.

    The reason is the majority of the subscribers will not purchase from your sales page and will be gone forever.

    If they are on your list, you can promote to them many times. If you want quick sales, you can let them sign up to your list and then immediately display the sales page.

    Use the solo-ads to get as many subscribers as you can onto your list. And then promote them.
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    Hey Maddi,

    I'm with you on the adswaps for the most part. In my experience, most list owners prefer that you send visitors to an opt-in or freebie page. That being said, I tend to stay away from those list owners.

    What I tend to do when I do solo ads is send people to a trial offer of my product or offer. It can be a dollar, it can be more than a dollar. The point is that having some kind of monetary value attached helps weed out the buyers from the freebie seekers. To be honest, I don't care how big my list is, what I want is a responsive list. If I have a good offer and my copy is up to par then people willing to spend money and who are interested in the niche will fork over a buck or five to see what you're all about.

    In short, as long as the list owner gives the ok, sending them to a sales page is fine. Make sure you're clear upfront and before you pay for the ad that this is what you'll be doing. As I said, list owners who don't allow it are people I go to very infrequently unless I know for certain that their subscribers are responsive and a match for what I'm offering.

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    Domenico said it bluntly, and as accurate as I would have.

    You can sell to a subscriber many times over, instead of letting people leave forever.

    Give away some good free content and establish yourself as a credible businessperson.

    - Dean
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    I would say setup a quick and free mini course for readers over the span of a few days and give them value. Eventually, they will come around.
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    I've been having great luck recently sending the solo ads to my freebie squeeze page that's personalized for the solo ad sender's list. Right after they click the confirm email, it goes to a ONE TIME OFFER.

    I just started doing these solo ads about 30 days ago for my IM list and I'm loving them. I've had some days I've sent 5 solo ads to my squeeze pages. But, I'm seeing a normal 2-3% conversion rate on the OTO and thus far a 15% conversion through my email sequence.

    Only problem I see with you sending them straight to a sales page is same reason you send any traffic to your list sign want to be able to repeat market to them. If just sent my solo ads to a squeeze page, I would only see that initial 2-3%. The 15% that comes from me wining and dining them would be oblivious.

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  • Profile picture of the author Matthew Shane Roe

    I personally would say send it to a sales page. You can still personalize the page for the solo ad sellers list like Pet above was stating with his freebie page. By doing this (in theory..) you may get a bigger response from the subscribers.

    As another person stated above, by sending them to a sales page you will weed out the freebie seekers and get proven buyers. That is a huge plus for any list.

    Thanks for the interview you did for me, and I hope this thread has helped you some in return!

    Matthew Roe.
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