Does this item have any commercial value?

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If you've ever purchased a WSO I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

I have a document that I've created and periodically updated that I deliver to my offline clients for free as part of the package I offer. It's called 'The Manual'.

To make a long story short, I research and create web marketing strategies for small businesses in my area. Typical job is around $2k. Part of the deliverable is a multi-page document outlining the web strategy I recommend the implement in order for their business to be successful. This document contains a lot of industry jargon and acronyms and the like, and it's not practical to try to explain everything in the web strategy document as it's more of a presentation piece than anything, so I offer 'The Manual' as an auxiliary piece to help explain the concepts of email marketing, link building, SEO, etc. that are referenced in the strategy doc.

Essentially, The Manual has grown into a textbook of sorts that is now over 100 pages long. It is full of great information that covers in depth pretty much every aspect of Internet Marketing you can think of (much of which has little to no relevancy to my clients' endeavors, but I include it anyway). I update it periodically as new information becomes known and new techniques are developed.

I provide this piece, as well as subsequent updates free of charge to my clients. But lately, I'm beginning to wonder if something like this would be of value to some of the less experienced people that come to the Warrior Forum seeking advice and information.

I struggle with this because this isn't the typical 'Follow this blueprint to make $1432 a week' hyped up product ubiquitous in the WSO section today. The truth is, this is a wealth of knowledge accumulated over a period of time that, if consumed and absorbed properly with the correct mindset and perspective, could educate the reader to the point that they are able to develop and implement their own strategy with the fundamentals they gain from The Manual.

My question is how much value does an item have that doesn't follow the formula of a traditional, hyped up moneymaker? In all reality, this is information that could be consumed for free - provided that a person was willing to spend the dozens of hours reading forums, blogs, and other publications in order to obtain it.

Any feedback about the value of an item like this, as well as what one would likely be willing to pay for such information, would be greatly appreciated.
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    Just post the wso. It only costs 40 bucks to launch one and there are a TON of offliners on here (myself included)
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    Yes I agree... Just make it a WSO and they do only cost $20... just make sure the price you pick to sell it at is far less than the value they will receive. Then you will have happy customers.

    I would be interested in it myself.
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    Yes Mike, There is an audience for everything, Don't sell yourself short, Go For IT !
    It be a Big Time Saver for a lot of newbee's looking for concise concrete information with out all the hype.
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    Definitely. I see a lot of value in a product like that. You've obviously put a lot of thought and man hours into it. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on something like that, and I know a few people that would probably feel the same.

    Price it well and choose wisely. Just because you've given it away in the past doesn't mean it has no real value. But as Kim Davis sort of mentioned, offer fantastic value for an unexpected price and people will be grabbing at it.

    "Most problems go away if you just wait long enough. It might look like I'm standing motionless but I'm actively waiting for our problems to go away. I don't know why this works but it does." ~ Dilbert

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    Thanks to all who took the time to read and for the feedback from those who responded. I really appreciate it.

    I think that I will give serious consideration to the price point and go from there.
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      Package it up as an e-book with an attractive, compelling cover, title it "A Master's Guide to Internet Marketing", and market it, as a WSO, or any of the others ways you teach.

      Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become - Jim Rohn

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    How would you decide on a price though, keep in mind that somebody must need/want the product.
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      Originally Posted by stev0 View Post

      How would you decide on a price though, keep in mind that somebody must need/want the product.
      Pricing isn't the issue. I'm not contemplating creating the WSO to make a ton of cash - I just figured a lot of people here could probably benefit from the information The Manual contains - especially the people that are relatively new to this and are unfamiliar/intimidated by the mechanics of the various techniques and tactics that are routinely discussed here.

      I think $20 is a fair price for something like that. Like I said, I am not doing this to get rich; I'd be happy to sell 100 downloads a month.
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    Mike I would suggest you to have a look out in WF for offline marketers. Pick a few, say 3-5 offline marketers who have wide reputation in and around here and offer them a review pack of your collection.

    Ask them to take their own time and also request them to suggest a price for the WSO. What would they pay if they were starting as newbies in the offline marketing?
    What would they like to see more in the manual?
    What do they think as outdated or irrelevant for WF members?(BTW, ask them to give you quotes when they say to add this or del that and then you churn and decide what to keep and what to trash)

    Make it like the bible on offline marketing so that in the years to come, newbie marketers can look at your WSO with gleaming eyes and beaming smiles.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    In short. Yes.. I'd buy it!

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