Stay Focused, Work ,Then Play

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I thought i would post this as it can, if you allow it become an issue. chatting to a few collegues recently, it become very apparent those that get results online stay very focused on what they do , when they sit down to market themselves , when they have finished , they may then surf a little to see anything of interest, those that werent getting the results they want, were surfing 1st, looking for the magic bullet, rather than knuckle down and do the things we know work, the web is full of info, there always is and always will be the next product to buy (Which is great) but do the basics first,as basics are what all business's are built on. Good Luck
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    Put in the effort, reap the rewards.
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    I will be hyper focused today. I have a TON that needs to be done today, thanks for the reminder.
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    In fact, there are many ways to compare a internetmarketing job with a real job !

    You should always,

    1) stay focused
    2) put in energy
    3) educate yourself
    4) be friendly, but businessminded in your offers/deals
    5) deliver quality and lots of it

    Fx. sales are sales. Whatever you sit at home, and do sell websites for moms and pops - or you are doing it from a callcenter, same level of expertice is needed, same level of energy is needed, same goals to reach are needed.

    Thanks, LASSE
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      Totally aggree.

      I manage a contact centre for a very large manufacturer and in my office the people that work hard get the pay offs. Recently a guy i work with who is a damn hard worker got promoted. He does kiss the boss's ass sometimes, but hey who cares when hes working overtime and gets the job done right?

      Since he got promoted, all the roaches come out of the wood work and start bagging him like they should of got it and that he didnt earn it. Its funny that the main person who is complaining is a lady who hangs around in the kitchen pestering people all day instead of at her desk working, and its also funny that this same lady has people from other departments come over to her desk daily for 20 minute chit chats, and on top of all that this same lady is so caught up in what others are doing hence not getting anywhere herself!!!

      Trust me guys, nothing will ever make you rich except for HARD WORK and the right mind set! No amount of schooling or holidaying will ever beat blood sweat and tears. (boo hoo)
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    OP, you are right. Some of us put our priorities wrong. It should always be business before pleasure.
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    Stay focused is important as having everything concrete in mind can help you work properly. Be sure to monitor your work with the right priorities, then improve your procedures if you think the first one doesn’t produce result.

    Remember that you always have the weekends to enjoy yourselves and you can appreciate these enjoyable things more if you wait for them.
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    I am in focused now and doing what is best for everything. PRIORITIES much!
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    So so true and this is a huge reason why many people don't succeed, just like you said. Myself included and although not as bad as I use to be, I still 'surf the net (or the Warrior forum)' more than I should. Good idea to get all your work done or goals completed for the day before allowing yourself to 'surf' or play.
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    Yeah very important, I used to do play then work, now have crammed a 10 hour day in and still time for a bit of fifa in the evening. I think its worth mentioning that taking a 10 minute break every now and again is good for keeping on track. 50 minute hours imo are perfect, if you know you have a break coming up you'll get an hours work into that 50 minutes no problem.
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