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This may be a dumb question but I really have no idea...are you allowed to post Youtube videos (other people's) on your website? Say you find a video that relates to your niche and you want your visitors to see it, can you actually embed the video on your site or would you just have to link to it?
  • you can embed videos all you like to your website. there many many websites are based on 100% youtube content. youtube doesn't mind because they have adverts pop ups inside the videos so they can profit from you embedding videos.

    but it is best you dont download the videos and re upload them on a different server and claim them as you own as you can get sued.

    one issue you will be dealing with is that the up loader may delete the video from youtube so you will have none working videos in your site. but this doesn't happen often.

    Disclosure: I am not making money on line yet...soon though!

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    Oops. please ignore my post. It's been edited...
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  • You've raised here a very important issue. It's extremely important to make sure you don't violate copyright rules on your business' website. As for your question, I believe that you must request permission before you use any media (picture, music, video's etc.) on the web for your website. I personally take care to adhere to these rules. Once my friend posted a video (recording a family daytrip) on youtube. I liked it and wanted to place it on one of my websites. I took the trouble to ask her for permission to place this video on my website and after she granted me permission I wrote next to the video a statement saying that "X granted permission".


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    Weather you link, embed, or what have you, putting another YouTube video on your site will never be a problem.

    It falls under the fair use act. Not to mention in the T&C's YouTube basically tells you that if you DON'T specify the syndication anyone can embed the video.

    You're fine.
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    I guess it will not be a problem because even if you embed the video on your site, the video will still be under the name of the account holder. Hence, it will still be directed under their name and not yours. However, you have to understand that not all people may allow you to embed their video. Instead of showing the video, they will only display links and will direct the viewers to their main Youtube page and watch the video from their instead on your site.
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