Can you take a look at my landing page?

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I'm looking for a few people who wouldn't mind taking 5 minutes to look over a landing page I've constructed and offer some feedback.

The page is a review of a product which has made some sales for me in the past. I'm starting a campaign to drive some massive traffic to it, so I want to make sure I have half an idea what I'm doing when it comes to making that traffic convert!

In return for your advice I'll become your loyal follower on the WF!

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    Sure - I'll take a look - I'm no "expert" but I can still form a useful opinion
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      Thanks Mookinman
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    No problem, Aaron!

    My first observation is that you've obviously put a lot of time into this page, good effort. The next thing that hits me is that the 3-column layout seems a little bit distracting - I'm not quite sure what to read first!

    The "click here to try xxxxxx risk free" could maybe do with being centred, with a few arrows pointing to it or just something to make it suck my eyeballs toward it. I'd then repeat it underneath the "result of our research" box, but with different wording. Try some added value too, for example something like "you will also receive blah blah blah" - this could be a calorie guide or exercise tips or whatever... this isn't my niche but you get the idea!

    Really though, for me it's just the 3-column layout that makes it a little perplexing to read, but other than that, you're doing a great job. Good luck, keep up the good work!
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      I'm willing to have a look, although, like Mookinman I'm not an expert, but do have an opinion as a 'visitor'.

      I can't see a link tho... maybe I'm missing something...?

      "Life is a lot like jazz... it's best when you improvise" - George Gershwin
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    I will take a look if you like, I do have experience running profitable AdWords campaigns and can probably offer some recommendations.

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    Thanks a ton you guys! I'll PM you the link.
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      Ok, I had a look. I agree with Mookinman that you're going great. I also agree that the 3 columns are distracting - could you put the testimonials in the left hand column?

      This is what else I would do:

      1. Take that big banner out of the header (they must have a smaller one?? or could you make your own...) as it's pushing everything down too much.

      2. Put in right there at the top left some great picture of a handsome fellow with gorgeous woman with beautiful bodies - remember you are selling the dream.
      (good free pics at: stock.xchng - search )

      3. I would change the colours. The colours you are using are 'marketing colours' and a tad drab for feeling slim and attractive! You could maybe use brighter sunshine-yellow-beaches-blue-seas kind of colours. (If you use Mozilla Firefox, the plugin 'Firebug' is excellent for showing you exactly which colours are where in your style.css)

      Keep up the good work and all the best to you

      "Life is a lot like jazz... it's best when you improvise" - George Gershwin
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    I will take a look if I can have the link.
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    Let me use my graphic artistic skills to find out what needs
    done on your site. Be willing to help in any way i can.

    Kindest Regards,

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    I am willing to help. =) We are here to help and learn from one another afterall.

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    This is the best forum on the Internet! Hehe

    Thanks a ton for all the help you guys. The feedback about the layout really makes sense, I've long felt like the page had a problem actually driving people to click--maybe there are just too many things going on all at once.

    Jassa, thanks for the stockxchange link!
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