When to target next keyword?

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In the last few days I have started to get some recognition by the search engines for my site key word, top affiliate programs. Google 12, Yahoo 27, Bing 38. I was wondering how long I should wait before I start targeting a more competitive keyword phrase? Should I consolidate for a while or just get on with it?

Cheers, Chris
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    If I were you, I would work on the keyword "top affiliate programs", simply because Google 12 doesn't mean anything, I have a website ranked #8 for competitive term but ranking #8 is nothing more than 3% of potential visitors!
    You better think about more competitive keyword after being #4 for the keyword "top affiliate programs" - I think you are targeting this keyword, and I have no idea about this keyword (monthly search count, competitiveness etc.).


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    start small, get traffic rolling in, then work on the harder to get keywords..

    eg~4 word keyword phrases
    then 3
    then 2
    so on..
    makes you look like a authority being so broad in your keyword leading to your website.
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      You could start targeting more keywords now. It all really depends on how much time you have for promotion. If you have time to promote a couple more go for it.

      Once you've reached your targeted position for a keyword, add in another one.


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