Senior developers starting new biz - what's needed?

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We offer the kind of service clients crave after having disasters with junior and oversea programmers they cannot relate to.

I have been doing custom web applications and website development for medium size businesses and organizations for 18 years and I understand marketing. My partner has over 10 years of experience, is certified in various technologies, and enjoys making custom Wordpress sites and web applications.

We're both very smart and can communicate with you to help you figure out what to do and how to accomplish it. We can aid with overall strategy, market differentiation, identifying barriers to entry and market opportunities, product design, feature planning, and marketing strategy. Between us, we can handle pretty much anything and we have a reliable team of PHP/ASP/iPhone/Android programmers who we manage.


What do you need and what does the industry need? Should we focus our offerings on building WordPress sites, applications you want created, fancy sales sites, etc? Anyone have a project they would like to discuss?

Please let us know! We look forward to your input.

Thank you.
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