Here's your chance to own the original Facebook...

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It appears the original facebook prototype domain name is for sale and currently bid up to the bargain price of $19,000!

I guess Mark Zuckerberg decided this name sounded to violent.

So how would you monetize the domain if you bought it?

Mark Zuckerberg's First Website FaceMash Up For Sale

Die-hard fans of 'The Social Network' with a few thousand dollars to spare, you're in luck: a savvy domain squatter is auctioning off, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook prototype, to the highest bidder.

The domain name is up for sale on auction site, although despite the seller's emphatic descriptions - "Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg's FIRST known website he set up at Harvard!" "a piece of Internet history"! - only three bidders have come forward. The high bid as of this morning was $15,000, with a Buy It Now price of $125,000 - paltry sums considering its founder Zuckerberg's current net worth of $6.9 billion.

Zuckerberg created the long-defunct FaceMash from his Harvard dorm room. It functioned as a campus version of Hot or Not, ranking undergrads by attractiveness. The website features in the box office hit 'The Social Network', prompting a traffic increase to in recent days.

The seller includes a link to FaceMash's domain archive to prove its former ownership. Indeed, Zuckerberg's Harvard email address and his parents' home address are still there from his 2003 domain registration for all to see -- a small irony for those railing against Facebook's privacy policies.

Still, potential buyers beware: social media specialists Mashable warn that any attempt to commercialize could invoke the wrath of Zuckerberg's legal team. And we all know where that'll get you. Just ask the Winklevoss twins.
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