Where to Look for Decent NEW Products to Promote?

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Hi folks,

I'm wondering if there's a website out there that helps affiliates get in touch with merchants releasing new products?

For example, I have a small list in the Relationship & Dating niche (around 500 people), so I'm not quite at a level where I can simply approach people and request review copies out of the blue.

My recourse so far has been to sign up to as many mailing lists as possible and see what other people are promoting; but I'm wondering if there's a more centralized website that helps affiliates stay up to date with new product releases (and, ideally, provides means of communication with the merchant)?

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    The method I use to keep myself up to date on affiliate products is to "subscribe to webmasters who are in the same niche". When many of them start sending you email on a new offer. You'll know that is a new product coming out! It's fast and free!
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    Signing up for newsletters in the niche is a great way to go...

    You can also sign up on JV Brokers lists to be notified of upcoming product launches, however, I've found that most of them are focused on the IM Niche.
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