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What's the point of virtual assistants?

Are they actually supposed to be able to deal with the kind of specific questions that we cannot find in common searches?

They remind me of the "Johnny" cabs cabbie in the terminator movie
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    Am I to assume you are referring to the virtual assistance bots found on some websites?

    If so, I find them more annoying than helpful.

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    lol, I came in here expecting to see a discussion of Virtual Assistants you had hired in the Philippines, India, or somewhere else...
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    A good VA is truly a gem!

    But, after reading the posts on this thread, I am curious whether you meant actual VAs or the bots that the other posts referenced.

    There are many, many VAs out there. When I was looking for one, I clicked to visit their sites and paid attention to their specific skills. If they knew how to do what I needed, I investigated a working relationship.

    I don't think it would be worth it to find a VA that doesn't know how to do what you need to have done, and then teach that person.

    In other words, if they already know how to use WordPress to add my posts and images, they can set things up in the shopping cart that I use, they know how to set up and send out my ezine, etc.

    Otherwise, you might spend so much time teaching them how to use your own products and services that it would not be worth it.

    The better VAs, however, know which programs are popular and educate themselves so they have something to offer.
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    If you are talking about the VA bots (the animated things that talk to you) I find them really annoying as well and I can not find the BACK button fast enough. I do not care if it is the best site in the world, I am still hitting the back button to get away from that little creature. They kind of freak me out in a way, sort of like little online Gremlins that you are not sure which one you are in front of.
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