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i am new to Warrior and was wondering if someone could help me or point me in the right direction.

i am searching for a reliable and respected article submission company

many thanks!
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    I have used isnare.com and can vouch for it. They chare $2 per submission and submit your articles to hundreds of directories. The only problem is that it takes some time for your article to get approved and submitted.

    Hope that helps,

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    I use Lexorsoft. They have a subscription service at Lexosrsoft.net where they offer all kids of back link build. I think they offer a la cart at Lexorsoft.com.
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    I have also used iSnare and can vouch for them. As Anup says it can take a while for distribution to happen and they do not do Ezine articles so I submit to Ezine articles first and then submit to iSnare. It can take 3 to 4 weeks for the iSnare ones to go through by which time it should already be on Ezine Articles.

    You can also buy your submissions in bulk which is good value.
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    If when you say article submission companies you're referring to submitting articles to article directories then I'd have to recommend fast submit articles. Heard good things about their turnaround times and efficiency from other warriors.
    Check out my latest blog post...

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    we also provide this service. Please take a look at our sig to see if we can help!
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    I have found isnare to be pretty slow. I have been using an easy to use automated program that works fast, submits to a variety of directories including Go and EZA and is a one time fee. It has made hundreds of backlinks for me.

    You may want to consider something like that.

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