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I would like to have your opinion about how a newbie can start to promote some Internet Marketing products.

I try to promote mainly Clickbank products and I have chosen a few good ones, but the market response is very low.

I have a very small opt-in list that is slowly growing and I have therefore to rely on other sources of traffic,

I have a very limited budget and I have decided not to invest in PPC ads because I found that I could easily spend a lot of money with minimal results.

I tried to use safelist ads I found that I get some response to some mails, but no sales.

I try blogging and the traffic is slowly increasing, but again no sales results until now.

Can you suggest a good approach to find a responsive market and contact them?

Thank you and best regards

Mario Pesce
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    There are a lot of simple ways to get traffic. This could be posting on blogs related to your niche, writing articles and linking them back to your pages, creating a Youtube video promoting your product/service, or you can use Web2.0 sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc...

    If you are sending traffic to your website, and your website is not converting, it may be time to re-write a few things. People want Honesty and Information without filler. So giving an honest review of a product without adding a bunch of fluff could help increase your conversion rates.

    "Failure is feedback. Feedback is the breakfast of champions." -Fortune Cookie

    PLR Packages - WSO

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    All successful starts are slow. You have to be patient enough dear! The blogging advertisement will surely increase the traffic and you'll see the exponential growth if targeted properly.

    Best Wishes!
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    I agree with Teravel - there are so many different methods. You could try a few to see what works best for your market. Article marketing can be a great way to start, though I'd also recommend you to keep up with the blogging as, ultimately, that can be great for organic traffic from the search engines. You can also leverage free sites like HubPages, InfoBarrel etc as these tend to rank well and you can include usually two links back to your site.
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    Twitter is the best way to drive free traffic that I am aware of, if utilized effectively.

    Check out these posts I wrote about how to get more followers: 35 ways to get more twitter followers | The Twitter Tools Book

    And how to get more retweets: 35 ways to get more Retweets | The Twitter Tools Book

    You should also check out my Twitter eCourse and Social Media Strategy Guide in my signature for more great tips about how to get free traffic from social media.


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