So just an update.........

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I just wanted to give a little update since I have not been on here in awhile. I do have a site up-just one so far. I am on page 2 of google for 2 of my keywords and I just got a backlink packet for a lot more backlinks. Hoping I don't get sandboxed!!

I was lucky enough to get lots of help with my site one of the areas being 3 youtube videos as well so I am excited to start backlinking that and seeing how it goes.

I noticed this morning I am on the first page of Bing for my main keyword. Does anyone have lots of luck with Bing? Just wondering........

So I am not on here a lot because other than my full time job I am working on my site and getting ready to get a few more sites up and running. I am still really not sure exactly what I am doing but this forum has been a tremendous help so far in pointing me in the right directions.

I also purchased a product to sell at auction and I forgot the best part I finally made my first $1 online-wheeeeeeeeeee! Also working very hard to scale that item up. Anyhoo gotta run to the real J-O-B that I hope I get to fire within the next six months-lol. Take care everyone and have a great day!

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