Craigslist stats?

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I've been searching all over, but without a clear result, is there some way of finding out the most popular categories on craigslist? I've found several blogs that have comments based on observation but some facts more concrete would be great, Thanks for any help, BR88
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    You can get some idea at cltracker_dot_net_

    The stats only cover "for sale" and "Housing" categories at the moment (it's no longer covering the "Personals", though "Jobs" will be added soon). Basically, cars&trucks and apartment listings are a large chunk of the CL traffic. There's a ton of postings going into the personals (mostly casual encounters), but like I said we're not monitoring that anymore.
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    I can tell you that I get a boat load of traffic from craigs. However, that traffic suffers from very poor conversion. Perhaps, I am being picky, but bandwidth is expensive.
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