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Can you guys please give me the names of some of the best internet marketers that you follow?

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    Here's two of the very best...

    Ken McCarthy of the System Seminar

    Ken McCarthy's Official Site (no affil.)

    Terry Dean of MyMarketingCoach

    Internet Lifestyle Truth (no affil.)

    I don't pay attention to the typical guru launch guys

    Dedicated to your success,



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    I don't pay that much attention to the normal "guru's" anymore either. The one that I still will is Frank Kern, but that is because most of his stuff is just his own personality mixed with the teachings of people like Dan Kennedy and John Carlton.

    Once you know enough it just comes down to taking action and building from each little success you have.

    Jason Fladlien is an up and coming marketer you may want to pay attention to though.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sheryl Polomka
    The only person I really follow is Tiffany Dow - - hers is the only blog that I read on a daily basis.
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      little spelling error on your link delete the 'n'

      Originally Posted by Sheryl Polomka View Post

      The only person I really follow is Tiffany Dow - - hers is the only blog that I read on a daily basis.
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    Tony Shepherd's a guy to pay attention to, especially if you like simple systems and thinking that's often outside the lines.

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    Jason Fladlien has a great reputation. people says he really overdelivers but I have not bought any of his products yet (but I will)

    Vita Vee is my recommendation for an affiliate marketing expert to follow
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    Probably the most valuable person I followed was Jeff Dedrick I ate up a lot of stuff from him when I first started out.

    "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"
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    I've heard nothing but great things about Kim Roach and will join her membership site when I start to make good money online.

    She is also a member on here.

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    I don't follow any of them. I am a student of many but not a follower
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    I definitely agree with Tiffany Dow, some of the best, straight up stuff comes from her blog.
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    I have to be both a student and follower to keep up with the dynamics of internet marketing.

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      I also strongly agree with Tiffany Dow, and Jimmy Brown is great also.
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  • Profile picture of the author raradra
    Learning from Mike Filsaime and Stephen Pierce is how I landed here on the Warrior forum. I guess we'll see how it goes now
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  • Profile picture of the author Jazzman
    I like what Ryan Deiss has to say about SEO and backlinking.
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      Originally Posted by Jazzman View Post

      I like what Ryan Deiss has to say about SEO and backlinking.
      I have a lot of his products. Some are mediocre and others are quite good, but they are often mainly created by someone else, and marketed by Ryan. That seems to be how the guy creates 574363 different products

      The Traffic and Conversion summit that he does is great though. Him and Perry Belcher showed some really valuable stuff last time. I think the next one is coming up real soon.

      Since we're sharing links here, Ryan's blog is
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    • Profile picture of the author Landis
      Originally Posted by Jazzman View Post

      I like what Ryan Deiss has to say about SEO and backlinking.
      For SEO and Backlinking, that would probably be one of the worst "gurus" to follow. He even ADMITS IT:

      than when he launched perpetual traffic formula...hes all of a sudden an SEO Guru.

      "Take a look at his main website : Only 10% of the traffic that site gets is from search engines. Of the small percentage of traffic Ryan “drives” to his site with search :: the vast majority is on his name … or on the name of his site. That’s not SEO … that’s easy. Unless your name is “Cheap Digital Camera” … ranking in Google shouldn’t take more than a WordPress site … and a week. And remember that people are searching for “Ryan Deiss” … not because of anything he’s accomplished … but because he is PAYING to get his name out there. Seminars :: JV’s :: email blasts :: ads on every known medium. It’s not free traffic."

      These gurus are good at hyping up launches and such, but Ive found alot of them to be pushing the same rehashed stuff over and over and over again. Hope this helps you realize hes not what he claims to be in The Perpetual Traffic Formula.

      buying bulk warm seo leads (PM me)

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  • Profile picture of the author Lifelong Learner
    I agree with those who have said Jason Fladlien. He provides good content, charges reasonable prices, and focuses much of his effort on going beyond just teaching - he almost forces you to actually take action
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      Originally Posted by Lifelong Learner View Post

      I agree with those who have said Jason Fladlien. He provides good content, charges reasonable prices, and focuses much of his effort on going beyond just teaching - he almost forces you to actually take action
      I'm doing my second course with Jason at the moment. He over delivers - Big Time! He's also one of the few people who gives you simple to follow instructions and motivates you to take massive action. Some of the results from his latest class on product creation have been outstanding.

      Also Armand Morin. He teaches very solid, detailed marketing techniques based on his years of experience and keeps you way ahead of the pack with a lot of his training. Several times I've learnt something from him that has taken the rest of the Internet Marketing community weeks or months to catch up on. He's not cheap but is affordable and is worth any penny.
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  • Profile picture of the author jenhuei
    I am following a lot!!

    Mike Filsaime, Chris Farrell, Ewen Chia, Shaun Stenning, Vince Tan, Jeff Johnson, Jeremy Shoemaker, Joel Comm, Michael Rasmussen...

    Hmm, maybe I should drop some of them?

    What make you guys to decide to follow a certain Guru? Anyone can share with me?
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  • Profile picture of the author Rich Struck
    None, none at all.

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    Im gonna look into Jason Fladlien, thanks for the suggestions!

    buying bulk warm seo leads (PM me)

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    • Profile picture of the author Will Compton
      I follow Jason Fladlien. He's one of the only people I'll open an email from.

      Also, but not as much, Grizzly and Ben Kong for their FREE SEO info.
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      • Profile picture of the author vbcannon
        Isn't Frank Kern done doing Internet Marketing? I know he hasn't posted on his Mass Control site in a while or does he have a new site???

        Happy to Learn. Happier to Help!

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  • Profile picture of the author jbode
    I follow a lot of people, some for different reasons than others...

    The most important thing you have to consider is are they really delivering value or are they just selling you on something?

    I've noticed pretty much everyone I follow offers some level of live webinars either free or paid - to me this shows that they're honest enough to get on a live webinar & more importantly they really want to help you succeed (could be a generalization but more often than not that's the case).

    Of course there are other great marketers who don't do webinars, but those who you want to follow should provide some level of honest (from the other side of the coin as an email marketer myself) I've found that being honest and open really makes you stand out even personal branding goes a long way.
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    • Profile picture of the author RedFishBlueFish
      Two guys that I have been following for the last couple of years because of their no BS approach:

      Perry Marshall

      Brendon Sinclair

      I'm new to Warrior Forum so can't post links.. but google them both for the sites.

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  • Profile picture of the author freedumb
    I'll have to check out this Jason Fladlien dude.

    I have been following Curtis Andrew for the last year and ended up getting off a lot of other lists. He also seriously overdelivers and really knows his stuff. Its nice to find solid marketers that actually care and deliver value.

    I've always been a fan of Perry Marshall and Paul Meyers. And I must admit that I pretty much always check to see a video if Frank Kern made it - just to see some tom foolery!

    Keep It Simple Stupid!

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  • Profile picture of the author mikebrooks
    I'm of the mind that there is always something to learn or use for inspiration so I follow everyone. Doesn't mean I buy everything, but pretty dern close.

    If I get one thing from something that moves me forward toward my goals, it's certainly worth opting in.

    I may even start following myself.

    Now lets try and keep the guru bashing to a minimum so we don't go and get this thread deleted

    Mike Brooks
    Affiliate/JV Manager for Job Crusher

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  • Profile picture of the author Brian and Shannon
    Liz Tomey is really good! You can google her and find her all over. A true internet marketing guru..... who is branded The Biz Model Guru! We have been through several of her courses and it is the only IM we have truly followed and so far we have had success in all of her other previous programs!

    To your Success!

    Brian and Shannon
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    • Profile picture of the author freedumb
      Originally Posted by jiuding View Post

      I follow have unique ideas and potential
      Your list of IM Gurus must be pretty small then...hahaha

      Keep It Simple Stupid!

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  • Profile picture of the author zcx
    Shane Melaugh's stuff is great. I like his format (lots of videos) and his personable, non-hypey style, plus he produces excellent products that aren't just the same old stuff reheated. I also really like Steven Resell and John Schwartz - they both consistently come up with new ways to master the basics.
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  • Profile picture of the author JonAlfredsson
    The only three people I follow are Tiffany Dow, Jason Fladlien, and Ken McCarthy. I always find inspiration from them every time I read their posts or ideas in terms of marketing.

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  • Profile picture of the author Kenneth Koh
    Been following too many over the years (terrible waste of time) but these below are my mainstay now. Why? Ans. 1) Integrity, 2) Genuine thoughtfulness for their audience/customers, 3) Zero hype

    - Jimmy D Brown
    - Terry Dean
    - Ben Settle
    - Perry Marshall (not for PPC but business mindset)
    - Sean D'Souza
    - Mark Joyner
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    • Profile picture of the author bretski
      Tony Shepard, Maddi, John Zeus, Chris Rempel...just a few of the people that I respect and admire...
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      • Profile picture of the author oneplusone
        I would recommend Jason Fladlien too, his products are fantastic value.

        I've learned a lot from his material.

        I'm glad Admin/Allen puts adverts up in the forum about his stuff, otherwise I probably wouldn't have known about him.

        Going to check out his productivity course.
        'If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.' Vincent Van Gogh.
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  • Profile picture of the author Apply Marketing
    I like Frank Kern.

    btw I guess this is probably bad, but Dan Kennedy puts me to sleep

    All my posts to be read with a heavy australian accent.

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  • Profile picture of the author KimPup
    Ya, there's tons of em out there...but i found Kristi awhile ago...and stickin' with here!!

    her site is imwriterblog >>she's genius!!
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    I'm on a lot of lists, but there are very few that I read . . . after all, there are only so many hours in the day.

    I agree that Jason Fladien's stuff is great. His "How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes" was a game changer for me.

    Sean Donahoe always has great information. I usually only read/watch about 1 in 10 of what he sends out, but when I do I always end up thinking to myself that I need to do so more frequently.

    Steve with Simple Leveraging has great tips, as in do A + B + C and you'll get X, Y & Z.

    And then Terry, Tom, Gary, Pat and everyone at BF. I'm always amazed at the amount of info they share. What they're doing. How they're doing it. What works and what doesn't. That is one place I try to make a point to keep up with.

    I also have a tab of RSS feeds on Netvibes that I skim through every couple of weeks.
    "Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."
    ~ Plato
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  • Profile picture of the author phpnetpro
    I'm subscribed to most of the big name guru lists but I really don't follow them. I log in to that email address when I need a good laugh at their ridiculous promises.

    I guess I don't really have anyone that I follow or have ever followed. I like to think of myself more as a leader than a follower, lol. I have quite a few followers myself but a large majority of them have probably never been to this forum or ever heard of it.
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  • Profile picture of the author OUTFOXED
    I think 3 of the best marketers that I've had the pleasure of doing business are members of our own forum...Tristan Bull, John Rhodes and Paul Counts!
    Check out their creds right here on the warrior forum. They all "super over-deliver" and their materials are absolutely fantastic! You've gotta check 'em out!

    These guys and many other members are the reason I am so grateful that I joined.
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