How Can I Make those FULL SCREEN VIDEOS?

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Hi. I would like to make the Full Screen Videos. If you know how to do it... I would really appreciate it if you could tell me. Thanks. Van 2 - Fla 1
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    U have full screen videos on the landing page in your sig. lol

    Surely you must know how to make them no?


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    Uh jan roos... I used the JV Press theme... that costs money. I would like to learn how to do it so that I don't need to spend the money to do it. And also, I want to learn how to do it so I can edit the rest of the Page via Photoshop and Dreamweaver. But thanks for checking out my sig.
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    Im no video guru, but I use screenflow and I can do that with it... Havent used camtasia in a while - but he wanted free, so he would need camstudio anyways...
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    Are you guys talking about "wide screen" videos?

    They're 16:9 aspect ratio videos.

    740X480 (Standard widescreen definition)
    1280X720 (High Def widescreen)
    1920X1080 (True High Definition widescreen)

    You can set your Camtasia/Camstudio (free) to those dimensions and you'll have a widescreen video.

    Likewise, depending on your editing software, there should be somewhere to change the aspect ratio to make it widescreen too.
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    Yes you have to make sure your images and what you record is in 16:9 ratio. Then you can change the dimension in Camtasia to reflect this same ratio. But you have to make sure what you are recording, whether it's a powerpoint presentation or whatever, is set to display in 16:9.
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    Download and Install Camtasia in your computer or laptop. By the help of camtasia you can create full screen videos anytime easily.
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    Camtasia..Look nowhere else
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    you can also use FRAPS in creating videos. You also need to have a good video card for the quality will affect in the output of your video.
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