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Hi Guys,
Ok, so not officially a real newbie, but I delve into this about once every 6 months, try something different, suffer complete overload, buy a product I never use then decide to abandon it all for another 6 months. The thing is, I created a product last year after following a course (didnt really do any keyword research, lesson number 1), created sales and landing page, or had someone on elance do it, lodged it with clickbank and have had 8 sales in total. I then abandoned that and decided affiliate article marketing was the way forward, Now with a live product I'm wondering whether I should just devote my energies into article marketing it myself. Oh yes, I spent 2 months creating affiliate videos and paying traffic geyser. I'm now in a posiotion where I can't really buy any products and just really need to commit and make something work. I would appreciate any guidance. I still like the idea of affiliate article marketing.
many thanks.
as i have less than 15 posts i can't add the link for my ebook. The dating niche, tips from a stripper.
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    I'd definitely take a hard look at the copy on your sales page as a starting point. See if you can find anywhere to improve it.

    Secondly, I would try to drive traffic to the product and then do as much statistics gathering and analysis as possible. See if the problem is traffic to the offer, or if the problem with sales is a conversion problem on the sales page.

    Third, are you building a list of prospective buyers and emailing them a series of informational emails about the product to try to close more sales?

    Fourth, If you are building a list, then you can start sending them affiliate offers, too.

    If your product is IM related, and has value, have you considered offering it for sale as a WSO?

    Have you considered trying to find JV partners for your product through the Warrior Forum?

    Just some thoughts to consider.

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      Hi Barry,
      many thanks,
      i'm not actually building a list, I have an autoresponder series. I'm unable to Pm with fewer than 50 posts, and can't attach link either.
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        Congratulations! You created a product and have sold 8 copies. That is an accomplishment and you need to look at it that way.

        I absolutely think you need to focus on marketing that product. Article marketing, create a blog about it, anything you can. Create some short reports about the same topic and start passing them out as list builders. Make sure that they have links to purchase your main product.

        There is a lot you can do without much money so don't give up now.

        Discover how to have fabulous, engaging content with
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        ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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    People have bought your product,
    and that's a good sign.

    In your position I would:

    a. Focus on your landing page

    copy to ensure it's compelling.
    Also do your best to optimise
    it, though off-page optimization
    probably counts for more.

    b. Sell a related affiliate

    product as an up-sell from your
    order-page, until you can make
    your own up-sell.

    c. Take a look at the wording of

    the link you used in all those eZene
    signatures. Make sure they are a
    compelling invitation to click through.

    d. Maybe build a blog behind your

    page. Make sure it's on topic and
    the keyword research is done for
    each posting. Use the blog to
    link to your sales page, creating
    internal link juice as well as a
    place where visitors can click
    through and find your product.

    e. Are you building a list, you

    could easily from a blog.

    f. Have a look at the words

    you have used when submitting
    your videos. Do they really
    encourage people to learn
    more about your product?

    Without being able to see

    what you've done so far I
    can't really comment more,
    and have probably written
    too much?

    Good luck with it,

    Send me a DM, or visit my support desk to contact me:
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    I agree with Tina - You have already done a lot that other people never do. Build on what you already have.
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      Now that you have taken action, published your book, and sold some copies, it's time to start increasing conversions...

      ...but you can only increase your conversion if you are tracking everything. So, if you're not already, start tracking everything possible. Then tweak things on your sales page like: title, opening, P.S., adding graphics...

      ...see what tweaks increase conversion, keep them, track more, build on your improved copy, and then market to affiliates...
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