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by Sofya
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Hi fellow warriors

I've done it, I have finally taken the first step in taking action to acquire internet success, ok so I've just signed up with a hosting account and become a member of this highly respected much talked about forum. I have been researching for two years so I should just get on with it.

This is my first post here and I feel really overwhelmed. However I am not going to give up and I will keep you guys updated in my journey. Can you guys answer my question. Have I left it too late to jump on the IM bandwagon, or is there still a chance as a newbie to be a success on the internet? Sometimes it seems everyone and their dog has managed to put up a website and is selling something. I may procrastinate, but I'm not a quitter.

Any help is much appreciated.
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    My big tip for you - find your own bandwagon, don't jump on the one everyone else is on, the wheels are falling off it ;-)
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      Originally Posted by jazbo View Post

      My big tip for you - find your own bandwagon, don't jump on the one everyone else is on, the wheels are falling off it ;-)

      Why is everyone saying that about IM? is it true?
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        Still lots of room left...carve out a niche, find a desire they have and fulfill it with a quality product or service...always keep that simple system in mind no matter how deep into day-to-day tactics and advanced strategies you get.

        Also- another piece of advice, don't look at setbacks as failures, instead know that there will be setbacks and choose to look at them as stepping stones to ultimate success instead.

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    Hey Sofia!!!

    A very warm welcome to the forum! Well, there is nothing called LATE. If you have that extra ordinary talent then you will surely achieve success. Only thing is that you must be focused on what you are doing.

    Best Wishes
    ~ Fazle
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      Welcome, Sofya!

      Ok, first things first...You need to get rid of the doubt! Anyone who's ever accomplished anything did not doubt themselves or that they could make it happen. Think abundance, not lack.

      It's so funny to me when I hear people say that IM is getting oversaturated. There are billions of products and services being offered in the world, and you can promote any one of them (with an affiliate program, of course). I think most newbies get stuck on clickbank and think there's no way to compete with the "big guys", but the fact is, there are millions of affiliate programs out there, so be sure to look outside of clickbank as well.

      GOOD LUCK, Sofya!!! Knock 'em dead! :-)

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    Yes, you can still jump on the bandwagon! The Internet is HUGE so no worries there! Find your niche market and get to it!
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    Hi Sofya,

    Have I left it too late to jump on the IM bandwagon, or is there still a chance as a newbie to be a success on the internet?
    Definitely not late. You will success in internet marketing. So, first step had taken into account thats great! .. what you need is Find your niche/hobby/interest and turn it into profits and the market is HUGE and never saturated. So go on step by step...your focus, determination and patient will lead to your success.

    Glad to hear your success soon...

    Good luck.


    Nothing here...

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    Thanks guys for the support. I've signed up with just host, don't worry moderators I'm not their affiliate, at this point I wouldn't even know how to create a sig. I needed this support because beleive it or not I've spent the better part of the day trying to figure out step 2. Just host gave me user name and password but that didn't work so I was to and fro with their support team. This has been going on over a week and this is what they said:

    You need to have it pointed to the following nameservers
    You can ask your current registrar (the company you bought your domain from) to provide all necessary changes.

    I've tried ringing moniker and been through their support but I just don't get it. Is there anyone out there who has registered with moniker and then hosted on just host. I feel a bit thick at the moment. Sorry to sound like a plonker.
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    You have still a lot to learn

    Good luck

    it mught take you some time
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    Yo Sofya! Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing! This forum is really helpful and do feel free to come visit this forum often! You will find lots of useful information and advices here.
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    i found this very helpful because i have found out the hard way how to have internet marketing success.
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    update: I found the faq page and followed it on moniker and tried to follow it step by step and submitted it. I have to wait between 2 and 72 hours. I don't know whether I did it right, we'll just have to wait and see. whew I feel exhausted, do you gurus out their remember your early days? I'm so new at this, I guess it's just the technical side that I will struggle on. They don't tell you all this when you attend guru seminars, do they, lol. I need a cuppa chai, thanks again folks.
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