help, I can't find a niche

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I can't find anything I am passionate about enough to go forward. I want to get started once and for all but can't decide. Any tips?
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    There are many different ways that you can find a niche. Look at Clickbank and see what products have the highest gravity. Open a magazine and read through the top stories. Think about your hobbies. Anything can be a good niche as long as there are buyers.
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    Hey mivka

    You can download the Niche Business Empire ebook below. It will show you how to analyze a good niche, and lists some of the higher paying ones to get into. No opt in neded.

    Internet Marketing Website Blog Fully Developed & Set-Up With Your Adsense & Affiliate Links - Limited Offer

    Also, check the free ebook section of the Warrior forum - some very good guys have written some great niche marketing resources that you can download for free.

    Good luck
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    If you want some inspiration, look at the free niche research on my blog. I research and post one niche every Monday here: Free Niche Research

    This is the best investment I have seen in ages - For just $1.00 you can get 4 coaching sessions - And the coaching is from internet marketing legend Chris Record.

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    You can also do "The Challenge" (free course) where the first few modules are all about market research and niche selection. The Challenge

    Be aware though, that your first niche pick may not turn out to be your best business niche in the long run. Most people have several goes at picking and working a niche before they find a really good one.
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    What are you good at?

    How many people can do this?

    That's your niche

    Looking for new affiliates for a penny auction web site -- please send me a PM

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    I'm not really that passionate about anything I promote I do it for the money and I try to focus on the "desperate niches" for affiliate marketing.

    But when it come to my own product I only create products about things I'm passionate about.
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    I do believe "Niche A Day" is still available at - It's a great FREE resource where you get 1 new niche sent to you daily with complete keyword breakdowns. Very cool!

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      There are a couple problems with choosing something you're passionate about -

      • if you're mainstream, your passion is shared by a lot of other people, which means competition
      • it means you'll really care, which means you'll keeping tweaking it or waiting to act until you have it perfect, which it never will be
      • you'll experience even greater frustration if you don't get the response you're hoping for
      There are a lot of niche-things you can choose, just look at the quirks of friends and family. Choose something involving that, you'll find enough passion to both enjoy working on it, feel it's worthwhile, and yet have enough distance that you're not investing your entire soul, hopes, and dreams in it.
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    I will say something that will kick your butt right now:

    If you don't know what you want, you will not identify it even when you see it. If you can't find a niche, please go get a real world job. If you can't get a job, then you are just existing.

    Every human has potentials. Please unlock yours. Your destiny is in your hands.
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    Honestly it doesn't have to be something you are passionate about...really....

    If you want passion look at it this way: Are you passionate about making money? I am gonna guess the answer is

    Go find something that is going to make you some money...go ahead...go to clickbank and pick something that has a high conversion rate and sell sell sell...

    taking that first step is a huge move and just keep taking action on what you know while learning more as you go...

    really go to it now....
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    Originally Posted by mivka_mathieu View Post

    I can't find anything I am passionate about enough to go forward.
    Oh, no! Another newbie who's been paralyzed into inaction by the silly "you can only sell your passion" argument.

    Consider if Vince Offer is passionate about the ShamWow or SlapChop or is he actually passionate about something else.

    Consider if Arte Moreno was passionate about outdoor advertising or was it something else which selling outdoor advertising tirelessly and enthusiastically allowed him eventually to purse.
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    You don't need to be passionate about a niche to make money in it. There are a lot of niches that I've been in over time and very few that I felt passionate about.

    Find a niche that has a hungry market and sell to them. I go for low competition niches. Less work.
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    if your passionate about helping people, that is all you need. find out what problems people want to get solve and help them find it.
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    The more bizzarro and strange the less competition for you. For example, most big biz will not touch a T-shirt company, if it makes designs of UFO aliens in space. Think going against the grain. Look at areas major corporations are afraid to enter for fear of ridicule etc. and you are entering a niche prime region.

    Alternate energy
    Obscure types of music
    Dog food that is 100% organic
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