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by Oddssy
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Hi I`m new to Internet Marketing, and been reading a lot of eBooks on the subject. They have all been helpful but, where do I start there`s so much to choose from my head is spinning.
Any good ideas and tips
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    Do you have a good plan in place for how to best utilize the resale rights products?
    Without a plan and business model you'll have a rough time. It's possible to find
    resale rights and master resale rights products (PM me), but it's much hard to find
    a model that will pull the cash you want.

    ~ John

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    I think you're awesome.

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    Hi Danny,

    Tell me, What is it you like to do? I see in your Sig file you're an Internet Marketer & Web Designer. I am a little confused by that, because in your post, you say "I'm new to Internet Marketing".

    Do you do Web Design? That could be your Niche. What else do you consider to be one of your strengths?

    Your website mentions doing SEO. Do you know how to do that? How's your writing skills? Bottom line, what are your strengths?

    That will have alot to do with which path you take in creating your online business. Play to your strengths, and outsource the rest.

    If your strengths are for the web design & SEO, then I'd recommend going the "Offline Gold" route. That is a program of marketing to local businesses on Main Street (substitute the name of the street where all the "brick & mortar" businesses are located in your town) and have them pay you to create an Online presence for them, help them with their marketing strategy, where they can generate extra income.

    To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, go to this website and look around. Get a flavor for what it is. You can participate in the blog area without becoming a member. Read the posts, there. It will explain most of what it is for you.

    But do write back and tell us what you would be most comfortable doing to make your money, and we'll be better able to send you in the right direction. The help is here, just give us an idea of your strengths.


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      I meant to say, you can look around the forum without becoming a PAID member. You will have to register as a Free Member. Paid membership is called being a "Gold Member"


      "I can" is much more important than I.Q.

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      Thanks for the reply Adam I`m much more into making money with Internet Marketing Tools, I started out doing Web Design, Any good tips you can give me to get started. My web site in my signature
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    your website looks very green! haha
    taking an IM course by the successful people should be the fastest way to become knowledgeable and successful... i think!
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    Read the most viewed posts in this
    forum, many warriors share their
    step-by-step guide to make money...
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