Out of Curiosity, Which Option Works Better for You Writers?

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During my time around WF, I've been wondering, which form of advertisement is more beneficial for you freelance writers?

1. Posting a "Warrior for Hire" thread and paying for it
2. Putting a permanent advertisement for your services in your sig line and only "advertising" when you post?

Just curious, both out of my own curiosity and for my membership site clients, some of whom have been hoping to post a Warrior for Hire thread.

Or perhaps it's different for separate situations. If so, please enlighten me!

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    Frankly, neither. I charge more than most Warriors would pay.

    "Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something." -Plato

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    Number 1 of course.

    I don't have an ad there but my warrior friends that have ads in Warrior For Hire section always testify of the Return On Investment.
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    I did both -- I put an ad in WFH and linked to it from my sig file.
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      I did a WSO which brought in several thousand dollars worth of writing BUT, and its a huge BUT, It was from only three people. I got gigs to write two e-books and about 80 articles. The WSO was for packages of ghostwritten articles. They weren't priced cheap either.

      Now I don't think it would work. Warriors are used to paying a penny a word and that's way below what our rates are.
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        Thanks, everyone. And while Dee, you bring up a great point about the cheap labor rates for writing, I also hear a lot of Warriors complaining about sub par work. Perhaps if they were willing to pay a little more, they would receive better quality articles and gripe less. But, cheap is still cheap.

        Warriors for Hire might also be a good option for some of my international clients who can't work for the American companies I promote. They're used to working for lower pay, and in some cases (like New Zealand), American dollars are higher than their dollars and they're happy to do work for less.

        Much appreciated!

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    I put up a Warrior For Hire thread for my writing services last January and still have work coming from the clients I picked up then. I'm just now considering another round, but for my $20 investment I did more than $6,000 worth of writing projects.

    I did the ad as opposed to paying Guru their inflated annual rate and have been happy with my choice. Plus, as someone just learning the ropes, I think the experience helped shape my marketing plan for the future.
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