have you succeeded with autoblogs?

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Autoblogs is very interesting topic for lots of internet marketers prior.

Have you been succeeded with autoblogs? Make good money and make tons of autoblogs?

We, IMers need tip for this ...

Right guys? (I'm asking to other IMers)
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  • Profile picture of the author Brad Gosse
    I have recently gotten into auto blogs. In my experience the best ones are fed from a database of content not scraping it from the web.

    I am seeing some nice adsense growth using this method
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      Originally Posted by Brad Gosse View Post

      I have recently gotten into auto blogs. In my experience the best ones are fed from a database of content not scraping it from the web.

      I am seeing some nice adsense growth using this method
      In my experience, if you drip feed unique content, then you can benefit. If it is content that has already been indexed, then forget it.
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  • Profile picture of the author Owen Smith
    You can succed, but they are not as auto as people first suggest, you need to rank them first and then leave them on auto.

    It is hard work.

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    • Profile picture of the author ScottTrimble
      I'm doing great with my autoblogs but don't use AdSense. I drive traffic to my main blogs and put up affiliate offers from Amazon, CB and a few others. I have 50 or so autoblogs, all powered by the free version of Multipress Lite
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Franklin
    There are some people out there that have succeeded with the auto-blogs (and I'm sure they'll chime in soon!) Personally, I used to be 100% autoblog and now it's 100% manual

    I've always found that despite putting more time upfront with manual blogs, the payoff in the long run has always been much better for me....Better conversions and better sales.

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  • Profile picture of the author mmixon
    I have over 100 autoblogs, and not making much money. I am having success ranking on the first page of Google for about 40% of my blogs for my keyword, but not many conversions. I am using Amazon, Max Banner ads for ppc, and adsense. I need to redo them so I will start converting better, but my workload increased at my real job, and I have not had time to do much with them over the last 4 weeks.
    I still like them and think it is a good model, I just need to tweak the process a bit.
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  • Profile picture of the author Silent Warrior
    I believe the key is to make simple, product specif autoblogs. Don't just use broad, generalized keywords. Check to make sure your content is useful to a potential customer. I like to use news feeds, answers and videos then monetize with same keyword with an Amazon product. I will also throw a few CJ products on the page, then its on to the next one.

    Again, try to check your blogs regularly to make sure they don't suck ;~]
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  • Profile picture of the author Kevin Caldbeck

    I have 5 autoblogs setup on 5 different topics. 3 of them totally suck and I will not renew the domains when they come due. The other 2 make just a little, and I'm not even sure if they are worth keeping either.

    I think my next efforts along these lines will be putting in the manual work. The autoblogs just don't seem to be working for me.

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  • Profile picture of the author Quentin
    I use Auto Blogging with Amazon affiliates and have been getting enough sales to get into it a lot more over the last few months.

    By using a drip method and using social bookmarking and adding some unique content every now and then the system is paying off.

    You can do my free course in my sig.

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