Convo with GoDaddy support regarding an expired domain name

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Me: "Hi GoDaddy, I'd like to buy this domain name, and it says the registration expired 30 days ago."
GoDaddy: "Well even if it expires, we give them 43 additional days to renew it."
Me: "So can I buy it now?"
GoDaddy: "No, you will have to wait until 43 days are up. Then it will revert back into unregistered domain territory. But that will take anywhere from 1-30 days."
Me: "So I have to wait until Day 43, then, I have to wait between 1 and 30 days after that?"
GoDaddy: "Yes"
Me: "So I basically I have to keep checking and get lucky?"
GoDaddy: "Yes"
Me: "Can I use your Domain Buy service?"
GoDaddy: "No, that's only for domains that haven't expired yet."
Me: "LOL"
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    Well, this post was meant to be humorous... but any ideas on how I can get my hands on this domain name? Godaddy essentially told me wait, keep checking, and get lucky.
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      Sounds to me as if he was having a bad day! funny though!
      I am the night creature that runs WEBDEV DESIGN, Which is a Web Design and Development firm based in Sutton Coldfield
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      Originally Posted by mkpoway View Post

      any ideas on how I can get my hands on this domain name? Godaddy essentially told me wait, keep checking, and get lucky.
      That's exactly what you have to do. This has nothing to do with GoDaddy, it's just the way it is.

      The owner of the domain has an extra 45 days (it can differ slightly) to grab the domain without paying any extra fees. After that period is up they have another 30 days to get the domain back by paying a fee (redemption period).

      It then has a deletion period of 5 day, after which the domain has 'dropped' and you can pick it up.

      You can try and grab the domain on the auction before hand but the domain owner still has the option to renew the domain.
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    I read your post , however the only way i know of due to past experience helping a member , is you have to wait until the allowable time.
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    @Fraggler is correct, it's not GoDaddy in this case, it's the registrar rules that help protect the current registrant in case there's a billing error.

    You can try to grab the domain via auction, but it won't be available until that time has lapsed.

    Good luck!

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    My personal experience with GD has been good, but I know a couple of domainers who have been shafted. GD has a reputation of keeping domains for themselves instead of allowing them to drop properly (so they can park them and keep all the rev.)
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