PDF Branding - Which Software Do You Recommend, And Why?

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Hi Folks

PDF branding is often used to enable your affiliates to "rebrand" a PDF
report, so they can put their own affiliate links into it using a piece of

I know there's quite a few on the market, but do you have any
recommendations? Also, ideally... would you be able to share WHY you
recommend any particular piece of software?

Thanks in advance!
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    I have never used a PDF Rebrander because I'm still an affiliate for now and my affiliate product is a software.

    As for recommending a product, I can only recommend a product if I have tested it and it really works or if someone I trust has tested it and he or she told me that it actually works.

    But I will ask him or her, are you sure? Are you very sure? How many percent sure are you?
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    Hi King Shiloh

    As an affiliate, does the product creator provide you with PDF reports you can rebrand? If so, do you know what rebranding software they're using?
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      The one I see used most often is ViralPDF.com. I asked around on another forum, and this one seems to be preferred. Not a bad price, either.
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    Thanks, folks. I went back to an older post on this subject and found something called Easy Viral PDF Brander (not an affiliate link), which you can host on your own site.

    Just purchased it, installed it... and I can say it works like a treat. Affiliates don't have to mess around with any rebranding software, they just pop their affiliate ID into a form, and the rebranded report can be instantly downloaded from your site. Nice.

    I can heartily recommend it. And no, I don't make a dime from that.

    < heavy mob dispatched >

    ... at least, not directly
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    Hi Paul,
    I guess I am a little to late in recommending Harvey Segal's "Ultimate Rebrander". Not an affiliate link.

    Anyway, glad you found what you needed.

    Have a Great Day!
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