Will Installing RAP Conflict with $7DSS (on same domain)?

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Is it safe to install RAP and $7DSS on the same domain? (for just one product)

I have installed RAP, but have decided i wish to use $7DSS, and dont want to delete RAP (incase i need it in the future)

- so can i leave them both on, will RAP Conflict with $7DSS from a script point of view.
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    Will they both conflict with each other?
    I Have to say a Massive...THANK YOU to every Warrior who has helped me, and thanks to every warrior who helps me in the future...
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    If you set each one up in their own folder you shouldn't have a problem.

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    Log into your rap admin panel and on far left menu mouse over it and click FORUMS! I think your question is better asked on that forum then here. Not every one here uses RAP so your question will get more attention an the RAP forums.
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