How long did wait before you started building a list?

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The first time I head of "building a list" was in 2006. I remember the person said something along the lines of

"I'd rather get there email address then make a $2 ebook sale"

This was when I started "selling" (didn't get any sales btw) ebooks on ebay.

Till this day, I've regretted it, always chasing the easy small commissions instead of building an asset. I only started when I released my product last Oct.

Is it one of those things where the longer you've been in IM the more you understand why you need a list and the more mature you are within the IM scene?

Have you or do you know anyone that's a super complete newbie, doesn't even know what wordpress, ezinearticle is but actually started building a list first time?

I would like to congratulate there person for "GETTING IT" or at least doing the most
important thing in IM to start with.

I suppose it's like wanting to make money NOW (quick affiliate marketing, sending straight to aff offer) then building an asset where money doesn't necessarily come quickly in the beginning stages.

What does everyone else think?

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  • Profile picture of the author Shaun OReilly
    Too many people take too long to appreciate the need
    to build a list.

    It's one of the top skills you need to make the most of
    your Internet business and the sooner you start, the

    In fact, I'd say that it's one of the first things a newbie
    should do - ahead of even choosing a niche.

    Just start anywhere and develop the skill of building a list.

    It's one of the most profitable skills you can develop.

    Dedicated to your success,



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  • Profile picture of the author Owen Smith
    It took me around 6 years before I started list building.


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  • Profile picture of the author sbucciarel
    I should have started mine a couple of years ago but I finally did start it fortunately. I do think it's all about the perception that affiliate marketing is going to be quick money and a list is too much time and work. But they are wrong.
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  • Profile picture of the author jedediahd
    Too long! I just started building one recently, though I was doing mainly CPA stuff before this year, so it was a different niche.
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    • Profile picture of the author ExploringInfinity
      I started my list far too late into my blogging career.

      My list is about 4 months old and it is now around 430 subscribers, not great, but not bad either.

      If I had put it in place when I started my blog nearly a year ago I would have 2 or 3 times the amount of subscribers!

      Moral of the story, GET YOUR LIST WORKING ASAP!
      Get ALL the SEO software YOU CANT afford:
      Ultimate SEO Pack
      SENuke & Grscraper, and dozens more! $40 a month!
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    I've been making very consistent money online for a number of years, and I just started building a list in one of the many markets I cover. Best damn thing I've ever done. I wish I hadn't been so hard-headed about the whole list thing. I could have retired a few years earlier.

    I did pick the one niche I truly enjoy to build a list. It was a tough decision. I have some niches that are extremely profitable, but I hate doing content for those sites.

    While the niche I did pick is profitable, some of the others are massively more so. I may end up doing those anyway, I will just have to hire someone to write the content.
    Don't get so wrapped up in making money that you forget the important things in life.
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    • Profile picture of the author Matthew Olson
      Like a lot of the other posters, I too am guilty of procrastinating way too
      long before finally committing to building my list.

      As a newbie, I was fortunate to get into profit very quickly and I got caught
      up in the easy one-time sales I was experiencing and neglected the long-term
      benefits that a great list will bring.

      Now I'm kicking myself for not starting much sooner! To any newbies reading
      this thread:
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