Please show me a really good 'presell' page

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Greetings Warriors!

In response to some replies to a previous question (thanks again by the way!) I have decided to point the resource box of a few articles to a TLD containing some ‘Presell’ content. This will then link to an affiliate product. Before I do so I have another question (what would I have done without WF!?) and a request:

Would you include a squeeze page before sending people to the ‘presell’ content? I can imagine that this would be a very good way to build a list but I’m wondering if some people will not simply find it annoying and leave…

I would love to see some good quality ‘presell’ pages so any links would be really welcome. I promise not to steal/copy/debase your ideas. I just need to get the basic idea of how to do it. Heck if they are REALLY good I might even click your affiliate links!

Thanks again, you guys are great!
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