Can you merge documents into a PDF?

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Let's say you have 10 articles, all separate text files. If you want to make them into a report/ebook, is there an easy way to merge those files into a PDF?

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    I have MS Word (2010). Under the option 'insert', choose object. From there choose the option, 'text from file'. Navigate to the article and insert it.

    Hope this helps. I actually didn't know this till you asked and I jsut went and checked. So thanks.

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      Open Office will also do that, but slightly differently. Go to Insert, then all the way to the bottom is File. Select that and browse to the file(s) you want to add.

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    Why not just put them all in the same Open Office document and then make it a PDF? Why did I say that in question form? I don't know?

    But anyway, ya it's pretty easy to use Open Office to make PDFs. These ladies may have given you the easier option but I was thinking it's simple enough to just copy and paste all of the files one by one and make them one document that way.

    Is that what you were asking?

    Or, were you asking if you can take a PDF file and then insert more files/content in to the PDF?

    Sorry, I think I'm just confusing the issue here...
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    If that is what you're asking then yes, Openoffice is the one. Just copy and paste your txt files into Openoffice writer and click the PDF Icon, and that's it! Save the PDF to your computer.

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      I do have OpenOffice and know how to make a PDF, I was just hoping there was an easy way to do it without copy/paste.....
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    Ah, I see now. Well then, try out what the first 2 responders suggested. I will have to try it myself.
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